Saturday, December 28, 2013

Three girls and their dolls [Belated] Making Christmas

These Jess Brown inspired dolls were my biggest Christmas project this year.  I came across Jess Brown and her amazing work in a recent Land of Nod catalogue...I all of a sudden had the unrelenting urge to create rag dolls for my own girls.
I decided to incorporate my children into the dolls by asking them to draw a picture of their "perfect doll."  Miss E went orange and black, Miss V went completely purple, and Miss O (her sisters decided) would prefer pink of course.  With their drawings in hand I visited my closet and a local thrift store to collect garments I could repurpose for doll clothes.
I also gifted the girls a copy of the book Kiki and Coco which features a Jess Brown doll Coco and her girl Kiki.  The book and dolls were given to the girls on December 24th and we've all sat down to read the book a couple of times each day since giving it to them!  So, if you decide to gift a Jess Brown doll to a little girl you know I highly recommend buying the book for her as well.

- rebecca lynne


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Oh Rebecca they are so gorgeous! I love that they chose the colours and they look beautiful! Great pictures and miss o has the most incredible eyelashes! Hope you all enjoyed Christmas :-) xx

Canadian Abroad said...

Those are brilliant. Love how the girls 'designed' their own. And those lips!!!

hydeeannsews said...

that is awesome! and probably way more economical than buying a real jess brown. I read about her in some magazine recently. your girls' dolls are amazing. the book addition was an excellent idea. way to sell your gift, mom!