Thursday, January 26, 2012

Neutral? Pssht. [Thursday Think Tank January 26, 2012]

Here is a quick update on things in the MRL household...
  • I am loving my new job.  Totally different from the legal work I did before but I am really enjoying it!  Unfortunately, I work quite a few hours and then have a commute each day so it can be taxing.  I am hoping I'll get into a routine and still be able to sew each night before the baby is born.
  • Miss E turned 3 this week...and I'm still feeling the guilt of not creating a post dedicated to her!  But, making cupcakes for her daycare class was a much higher priority than Mommy's blog.  Perhaps I will create a post after her birthday party this weekend.
  • I had a short bout with food poisoning last weekend which prompted by Dr. to order an ultrasound.  
  • Ultrasound was all well and good...but baby wouldn't cooperate!  He/She insisted on sitting cross-legged and we couldn't find out the sex.  But...He/She is healthy and really that is the most important thing.  
Well, now that we are all caught up let's get down to brass tacks.  The whole not knowing the baby's sex situation has really thrown a wrench in my plans.  I know most people have very strong opinions on whether to find out the sex early or to wait.  With each pregnancy I have had debates with people who insist we are doing the "wrong thing" by finding out early.  I insist that it is a surprise either way - early or not - and it is my choice.  This time people's reactions to our inability to find out have been wildly varied.  One person told me "Good.  That's how it should be" with smug satisfaction that I'd been shown what's what.  At the other extreme a cousin exclaimed "What are you going to do?  Aren't you nervous?"  I assured her that the world wasn't going to end just because we didn't know.  My sister, on the other hand, was thrilled by this wrench in my plans and claimed it would be "good for me" not to be able to exercise control over something in my life.  

Regardless of people's feelings one way or the other I am a planner, I like to plan ahead, I was waiting to find out the sex before buying fabric for a baby quilt...obviously this changes things quite a bit.  And yes, it is driving me mad.

The solution?  

Make two.  

That's right folks.  I am going to make one of each.  A quilt for each sex.  After all, who says I can't?

Boy's Quilt
I've always wanted to do one large Log Cabin Baby quilt.  I think that such a simple design really needs stunning fabric so here are some of my ideas...  Oh, and I think I should mention, the Mr. has a thing for sheep (I know that sounds bad but there it is).

This is a bit muted for what I am thinking...but I think I'll have to get this someday.  I just love how majestic the Stag looks with those out of place lamp posts behind him.

I am strongly leaning towards this.  How cool would this fabric be with other blues and greens to create the log cabin design?  I am digging how bright and fun it is for a bouncing baby boy.

Monaluna Organic, Taali, Bah Bah Black Sheep
This is so cute!  It is a bit more traditional baby fabric so it might be less original but I can't help but smile whenever I look at it.

Girl's Quilt
This is a bit harder.  I'm really drawing a blank on this one.  Is it because I've made two female baby quilts and now I'm out of ideas?  Maybe...  So I'm asking for a bit of inspiration on this one.  Anyone have any interesting patterns they'd suggest?  I'm all ears!  

Here are some fabrics I'm totally drooling over...  One requirement is that the quilt include some fabric with a bird as both my girls's quilts incorporate a bird theme.

I am loving this fabric!  That sparrow with the little girl on it is so adorable.  I love all the girly details.  And I think it could be really beautiful paired with some yellows and reds to complement the flowers.  But, I think it will probably come down to whatever pattern I pick.

Remember this?  Oh yeah, this Mama hasn't forgotten about the Maman, Les Petites Filles.  I still adore this whole collection and if I hadn't seen the Thumbelina fabric above there would be no doubt that this is it. I'm not sure!

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Advice?  As always all ideas are greatly appreciated as I keep Making Baby!

Now what about you.  Tell me, What are you up to these days...  You know the drill!  With pictures!

- rebecca lynne

Thursday Think Tank


Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

There you are! Glad to hear you and baby are great. I am with you on the finding out. I wanted to know who was in there! Partly b/c I can't stand suspense, and partly b/c I felt very strongly that it was a boy. I needed to know if I was right. Do you have any feelings one way or the other? I love the really colorful sheep fabric.. so adorable. I love the colors and the dots, of course! As far as girls, I think I'm partial to the cloud 9.. but the other is so cute too! Sounds like you're keeping very busy!

Collette said...

wow you can tell it has been too long since I last checked in on your blog - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! on the pregnancy! I love all the fabrics of course. For the girl the thumbelina is vintage but cutesy and I love it the best.

Keep well my friend and congrats on the new job too. xxxx

Erin @ Once Upon a Donkey said...

Why do other people care if you find out or not? Your baby, your body, your choice. Pfft.

Anyhoo... sheep? Ha ha ha. But, yes, my vote is for Laurie Wisbrun too. Would look gorgeous with aquas etc.

For a quilt idea, I am absolutely digging this one at the moment - Would look cute with some fussy cut squares too. :)

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I agree with Erin - your (and Mr MRL's!) choice...if other people wouldn't do the same thing then that's up to them, not you!!

Love all the baby boy fabric, particularly the baa baa black sheep one.

Glad you're feeling well and enjoying your new job and happy (belated) birthday to Miss E!

Snoodles said...

I've always wondered why people seem to think...."she is pregnant, so she has lost her mind, and I must tell her what to do, or she just won't know." LOL It's YOUR business if you want to know and plan, for goodness sake! Just tell those people off (but nicely) and do what you want to do! Heehee! I love all those fabrics...I'm not the one to ask which ones to use! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, if you want to know, you should. It gives you a tiny little measure of organization in something that you have no control over.

While I love Laurie Wisbrun fabrics, I have to vote for the Baa Baa Black sheep. It's a little muted, but I prefer to think of it as whimsically sophisticated. As for girl patterns, what about a four patch using rectangles, then solid strips sewn to the sides to create square blocks. Alternate direction so it looks woven. I did it with two different colors, each four patch a single color, and it was fun and very easy.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I agree with others - it's completely up to you. I'm surprised other people think it's their business! Although it sounds like your baby had the final say!
I love the stag in the wood and the black and white sheep and I think the girl fabrics are very pretty! Glad you're keeping well:)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Just to say I've linked twice because my first link up comes back here from some reason.

Katie said...

I have time to properly comment now.

So glad you love your job! Boo to a commute. I have a longish one too, especially for where I live, but use that time to plan my free time or decide what I'm going to cook for the week or something. I try to make it useful instead of dead time.

Happy belated to Miss E! Sorry you had food poisoning but very happy you and baby are ok. Sounds like this one is pretty headstrong already.

I love the stag fabric and even have been eyeing it for a skirt or dress for myself. I also adore sheep in general so I don't think you can go wrong there. If it were me picking I would go with the Monoluna fabric because I haven't seen that one yet. The Laurie Wisbrun is more modern but is splashed over so many blogs right now. I'm still a huge fan of the Cloud 9 print. I have some of the other prints of that Kokka line and love it.

I fear I've been no help for fabrics.

Rebecca Lynne said...

AGH!!! For those of you who linked up it looks so cool! So official with all those cute little thumblinks up there...