Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Word on FMQ

You may recall this post where I was trying to FMQ a quilt and having problems because of skipped stitches?  Well, I unpicked all of that quilting and just recently decided to give it another go.  Unfortunately, I am still experiencing skipped stitches on this quilt, and it was driving me mad.  Was it ME or was it the spray basting I used?
Messy truth
See what I mean?  What a mess!  I tried and tried...and no matter what speed, what size, what stitch length, what needle, god forbid that it be my Tough Lady (!)...well no changes worked!  It mostly happened on/near seams and some of the skips were so huge that I just started backstitching over them...  I was going crazy and there is no way I am ripping everything out again.  But, I still had doubts.  Was this being caused by my inexperience with FMQ or by the spray basting?
So...I decided to stop my quilting the spray basted quilt and grabbed a fabric I've been saving to make a whole cloth pillow for my husband.  I used a plain off white backing so that I could scrutinize the quilting.  Lo and skipped stitches!#fmqbeginner Love this design!
This was without pins or spray...just front, wadding, and backing smoothed out lain together.  Obviously my FMQ can still use some improvement but I love these loops because their lack of uniformity is organic and forgiving.
I've decided to keep sewing the spray basted quilt and managing the skipped stitches as best as possible.  Life's too short, I just don't have time to completely start over, unpick, wash etc.  It'll always serve as a reminder of this experience!
Now back to my loops...

- rebecca lynne

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Something Quiet

A few weeks ago, while my daughters were away visiting their grandparents and the weather was just starting to suggest spring, I had the desire to create something subtle and quiet.  I thought this bundle of soft oranges, blues, and low volume fabrics would be perfect to do some flying geese - a block I've been wanting to try for some time.  
I am not in love with the idea as I once was a few days ago and ended up having to push myself to finish this top.  I don't know what happened exactly.  I used this tutorial for the geese and wasn't thrilled with how they turned out, I know it was "faster" but they came out kind of sloppy and not uniform.  There is something to be said for slow and steady I think.  I will definitely make my geese differently next time.  I know exactly which backing I will use in my stash and am looking forward to some straight line quilting and just having this quilt done.  Maybe in the future I'll feel more affection towards it but right now I just want it out of the way.  
My desire to get this done and over with is probably due in part to the return of my children and impending summer weather which makes me look forward to doing something with this bundle below...
Left to Right: Meadow Vale in Navy, Sweet As Honey Deer Cherished, Meadow Marina Geos Deep, Meadow Summer Grove Day, Kona Citrus, Meadow Valley Azure, Kona Peach, Sweet as Honey Morning Bee

Looking for design suggestions.  Something large scale...I am leaning towards a Plus Quilt layout...I want to show off all those beautiful creatures and flowers and am thinking it will be my Welcome Summer quilt.

Have you ever had a quilt that you've worked through and were no longer excited about?  What did you do about it...finish it out or abandoned altogether?

- rebecca lynne