Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frame Pouch Along or PAL

Okay...I am definitely still running around with my head cut off...but, pssht, what else is new really?  I do not want to lose the momentum on this PAL idea and I cannot live with the idea of leaving you all hanging.  I don't even have a cute little button for this project yet.  Agh!  But, button or no button, before I leave for my trip I am going to leave you guys with some ideas and materials for your pouch!

Well ladies, size does matter.  Yeah, yeah, all that crap about it not mattering?  Well, we know better.  So let's think about size.  Are you interested in making a coin pouch, a purse sized pouch, or something altogether distinct like a pouch for your eyeglasses?  Will you go tiny for example...
Is this pouch going to fit in your hand or in a larger handbag?  Do yourself a favor and think about that before venturing in the world of buying a frame...  When buying GET OUT YOUR RULER!  Pouch frames range from 3" to 10"+ so what size is really going to suit you?  In my experience your pouch isn't going to go much larger than your frame...think about adding possibly 1" wider on each side if adding anything at all.

While contemplating size you may also have an idea about shape.  Ah, the shape possibilities are boundless.  Square, Triangular, Round, Oval, Flat, Pleated...  What do you envision?


Puffy or Slender for example...

We will discuss shape more once you have your frame.  If you are not working with a template we will be drafting our own and  plotting that out your ideas now will help you when you have your pen in hand later!

Fabric - finally the beloved fabric.  You can really get crazy here.  Home dec, linen, quilting weight, laminate, fashion fabric (velvet, satin, silk), anything goes.  Color, pattern, is all up to you.

  • Pouch Frame (Glue or Sew On)
  • Fabric
    • Again this could be anything, but remember you need Outside & Lining.  Unless you are making something huge I can't imagine needing more than 2 FQs or 1 Half Yard total.  Better yet, scraps rock for this and may be your best bet for a design you haven't tried before...
  • Interfacing
    • Ah, yes interfacing.  This can really help your pouch depending on your fabric.  If you have a thick fabric (home dec, laminate) then interfacing may not be for you.  Cottons and most linens are going to need interfacing.
    • If you'd like a puffy looking pouch you will want to get a heavyweight interfacing or possibly batting.  If you are interested in a more sleek but stand alone look than a lightweight interfacing is best.  There is no wrong way here and in fact if you'd like to skip interfacing altogether you can also double your fabric or use scraps to reinforce your outside pattern.  I prefer a medium-weight interfacing for my exterior fabric.
    • I recently made a pouch with interfacing on the outside using a fleece interfacing and I liked the result.  But, I did not like how stiff the lining for this project I am only going to interface the exterior and leave the lining simple.  
  • Glue - for frames that require glueing as opposed to sewing on
    • You need some sort of glue that will be adhere to fabric and metal.  I used crazy glue in my first go of this and that worked fine.  But I used a "craft everything" glue this time around and it was fabulous.  
    • Glues do smell though so if you have a problem with that sort of thing keep it in may want to get a sew on frame instead of a glueable type.  
  • Miscellaneous
    • If you'd like to add things on to your pouch for embellishment such as embroidery floss for embroidered details, or a small tag to denote its maker...that is totally up to you!
In many cases the most basic of embellishments are what make the pouch!
- Sewing Machine (or by hand if you prefer)
- Iron
- Scissors
- Paper & Pen
- Pins
- Curved Needle (if you are using a frame that requires hand sewn attaching)
- Screw driver or Large Yarn Needle
- Seam ripper/sharp scissors if you don't trust yourself.  But you should!
I'd love to see your ideas if you have any!  Send us a link and let us know what type of pouch you are thinking of making...

- rebecca lynne


Stephanie Nagano said...

Hmmm I think I might join! A framed pouch would make a really cute Christmas gift! I'll have to check out Joann's!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Now, that's a comprehensive list. Not sure, but think I'll make a little coin purse. I'll be buying my frame online from:
For any other Aussie bloggers taking part, Nikki's service is second to none. I'm not sure if she posts overseas.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Thanks for the list - that teeny tiny one is very appealing!

Katie said...

I can't wait to get started with this! I'm willing my frames to get here next week instead of taking a bit longer.

Erica said...

I have been wanting a small coin purse. I just might have to join you. :)