Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Dead Simple Quiltalong

I really DO mean what I say (or type...).  I asked for feedback and advice about the palettes on my last Dead Simple QAL post and I got it.  Whew!  Some amazing input, thank you so much!  First, I learned that basically nothing I could possibly pick is that gave me the confidence to just plow ahead and play with what felt fun.  Secondly, I was given some great suggestions which I put into play as you can seen below.

Thanks to Lynne from Lily's Quilts for sending most of you helpful folks and Annaliese from Pewter Acorn Quilts who gave me a great brainstorm.  After visiting Annaliese's site (and you should too because she'd love some palette feedback as well!) I realized I had to make templates with my colors.  I loved her samples from Design-Seeds, but when I saw them in template format my favorites changed.  So...I went to the source... 

I visited the Robert Kaufman website to pick swatches of the solid cotton Kona colors.  This really gave me perspective, and was so much fun!  Here is what I came up with:

Sacre Coeur Palette from Design-Seeds that many of you loved.  I came up with this out of the Kona Solids:

Then so many other people loved the Teal Appeal and I played around with these colors.  It was hard to find the right mustardy I ended up changing the shades a bit from my original...

Lastly, piecemealquilts suggested that I add some aqua to the Flora Inspired palette.  So I did and I think it looks awesome!  Adds a bit of something to it don't you think?

Ultimately I think I am going to choose between Flora Inspired which I find so squishy I just want to wrap myself up in it and Sacre Coeur which is totally different for me and feels fresh but soft.  I might add more raisin to Sacre Coeur or play around more with the color balance in Flora Inspired.  But at least now I have a clearer direction.

Thank you so much!  Anyone else want to play palette games?  I'd love to stop by and see...  Leave me a link!

- rebecca lynne


Erin @ Once Upon a Donkey said...

Hmm... I am starting to feel like a stalker... but I want to comment so I will. I am totally in love with Sacre Coeur but I think you should be crrrrrazy and adventurous and go with the Flora Inspired (plus you keep going back to it so that says something!). Only thing I would possibly suggest (because I'm such an expert...) is adding in a light to balance it all out. I'll leave the shade up to you... :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

You definitely seem to be leaning towards the flora - it'd make a stunning quilt!

Weaveron Textile said...

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