Thursday, May 2, 2013

Onesie Dress {TGIFF}

With all the machine tryouts I have been doing as part of my Sewing Machine Adultery series I've decided to do some projects that will help me decide what features I need in a machine.  With three little girls I have wanted to start experimenting with garment creation...and specifically clothes involving knit fabrics.  
Using my Bernina Activa 130, this project required my Overlock Presser Foot, my Overlock Stitch, my free arm, and a needle for stretchy fabrics.
I am glad to report that it was stupidly simple to do.  I am so thrilled with myself for rediscovering and using these features of my Bernina Activa 130 after all of these years!
Looks like someone enjoys the results at least!  Seriously - why does she want to walk so badly?  What is wrong with crawling???

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- rebecca lynne


Canadian Abroad said...

Stretchy fabrics scare the poo out of me!

Annabella said...

Cute, and look at the little face!!

joanne said...

So so cute!!
Brillant job! Knit fabrics scare the life out of me and my basic machine!

Amanda K said...

Adorable girl and onesie dress!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous idea! Love the baby too!

Allison said...

lovely dress, and so practical, too with the onesie bottom :) garmet sewing scares the pants off me - my few & feeble attempts have been less than stellar

Gemma@prettybobbins said...

Way a cutie! I always joked that I tied weights to their ankles to stop them walking ;) why do they have to grow up so fast? We have our first wobbly tooth tonight and it feels like yesterday he was in onesies!

Archie the wonder dog said...

What a great idea!!