Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Marcelle Medallion Center Block

Marcelle Medallion Center Block MRL Style
Enormous thanks to Jess for letting me use her paper piecing template to make the center block!  To learn how to create your own paper piecing template pop over to Penny Poppleton and read this post which is part of the Marcelle Medallion QAL.  
If you notice my scrawl above I labelled all the little triangles at least for the first two sections in order to keep it all straight in my head!  I knew exactly what fabrics I wanted for the very center (lime green as if there was any doubt as to my favorite color), border (teal, keeping that tertiary love going), and the part I see as the star (pink, of course) - but as I got further along I went through some major auditioning to find the right neutral gray.
I seriously think I spent 30 minutes or more debating the right shade and pattern of grays.  I went through a whole stack, took a ton of photos, put each photo in black and white to check value and contrast.  I mean, I am not kidding when I say I auditioned these babies...  
Ultimately I was really happy with my choice of the Les Amis gray...however...if you are considering your own fabric choices for this pattern I would advise thinking twice before picking a fabric with a direction as I ended up going through a lot of fabric to get it all going in the right direction!  I love the result, but I probably would've had an easier time with a dot.Untitled
At this stage, where the pattern is finished off by the last four corners, I sewed the quadrants in Jess's pattern together in order to have a solid fabric piece for each corner.  This is because I just knew I had to use the last bits of my crown fabric.  Sigh.  If this is going to be another *mine all mine* quilt I had to give it that bit of fabric that really became a signature part of this quilt.
I had an epiphany about my next of those dancing around the house saying to my husband "I just had a great idea, no, really, it is a really really great idea!"  I don't want to share it yet because I think it will ruin the overall "ooh" and "ah" moment when I have it sewn.  But, I am really really excited about my choice and think it is so MRL!
Center Block #mmqal #marcelle medallion
While choosing the fabric has been the biggest challenge of this pattern it is also the best part of this quilt.  I want my quilt top to scream making rebecca lynne and so far I think it does that...the test will be keeping that energy going.

If you haven't already you should really check out the Marcelle Medallion Flickr Page and be wowed by all the amazing quilt tops out there.  Also don't forget to check out #mmqal or #marcellemedallion on Instagram.  I am hard pressed to choose a favorite because they are each inspiring in their own way.

- rebecca lynne

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Modern Stitching Bee September Blocks

MSB September Block
This is my reveal of Leanne's blocks for the Modern Stitching Bee.  [Sneak Peek was here.]  I've wanted to do the square in square pattern for a long time.  This pillow has been on my to do list ever since I saw it last year.  
MSB September Block
I was able to use the paper piecing opportunity to give my guild a tutorial on paper piecing.
Thanks so much to Stephanie for the use of her lovely home and sewing supplies!
Now my fellow guild members are becoming paper piecing fiends and I think we are planning on doing a paper pieced swap too!  Hahahahaaa...thanks Leanne your block choice was extremely inspirational!

Making these blocks was a lot of fun, I do love paper piecing and using text prints.  I can't wait to see Leanne's quilt all finished with our unique blocks.

Now I really need to get on making that pillow - no more excuses...

- rebecca lynne

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Aha Moment - or how I learned about the Marcelle Medallion Quilt Pattern

Like so many DIYers I have a very very very loooong list of projects I'd like to tackle.  Just under the heading of Quilts I hope to someday finish a Swoon, Low Volume a la Sunday Morning Quilts, all solids, all Oakshott, a QAYG log cabin, Del Hi, Ruby Star Rising whole cloth, Chicopee triangles...well, you get the idea...just check out my Pinterest board and you'll see that the ideas and inspiration are endless!  [and this is just quilting, my knitting, garment making, ceramic, house decor lists are almost as equally ridiculous...]

Anyway, towards the top of that very long list I have become really fascinated with the idea of sewing something with low volume and plus signs, something with flags, and challenging myself to use my stash by mixing prints and collections.  Hahahahhaaa...well it wasn't until I saw an Instagram post by Jess from the Elven Garden that I learned about the Marcelle Medallion Quilt.  I asked her what it was and she said:


This is especially hilarious because my first response to every random question is a shrug and a "Let's Google that shit."  {Those of you who know me in real life can definitely confirm that it is true!}  So, to get this answer from Jess was totally appropriate and motivated me to delve into the world of the Marcelle Medallion pattern on IG, Pinterest, and Flickr.  On top of all of this research, I've been enjoying Jess's own Marcelle Medallion quilt developing over at her blog - really it is stunning and you should all go visit at once and make the appropriate oohs and aaahs.  Especially as she has strategically incorporated my favorite Anna Maria Horner collection ever, if you know which one I am referring to without looking then you clearly know me too well, wink!

In MRL terminology this quilt is probably going to be titled The Hole in the Head because clearly I need another project like I need another hole in my head.  However, my rationalization is that I am eliminating some other ideas on my quilt list by making a quilt with so many different techniques and fabrics that I intended to make as individual quilts anyway.  
Hmmm...maybe a better title would be The Multitasking Quilt

That kinda makes sense...right?

How about you, ever heard of the Marcelle Medallion?  If you'd like to join the Marcelle Medallion QAL more information can be found at Penny Poppleton.

- rebecca lynne

Friday, September 20, 2013

Just a peek...

Could spend my whole weekend doing these... @colelife @shecanquilt @gapquilter @lifesrichpattern#msb
I finished these blocks tonight for Leanne's month in the Modern Stitching Bee.  But I need some daylight to take proper photos so for now it is just a small peek.  Last step, to make a siggy block.

I've had one of the craziest weeks at work in a long time.  Really looking forward to a weekend!

- rebecca lynne

Monday, September 16, 2013

Clean and Dirty Diaper Pouches

While pregnant with Miss E I saw these and really really really wanted clean and dirty pouches for my diaper bag.  Of course I never bought them because as so many DIYers lecture to everyone/anyone who listens "why buy something when you can make it yourself"...and as the story goes...of course I never got around to making them.  Sigh.
However, when I was invited to a recent baby shower where the gender of the baby is still a surprise I knew exactly what unisex gift I wanted to give!  Better yet - it is a first baby so these will hopefully be used through a few babies to come as well...
Diaper pouches
First I printed the words out on my computer using inkjet fabric sheets.  Then I chose a nice bright yellow fabric.
I lined the Clean pouch with regular quilting cotton fabric.  It is large enough to easily fit at least five 6 month onesies.
The Dirty pouch is lined with vinyl for all those wet accidents that happen when you are out and about with baby!  The worse is when that wet stuff leaks onto your other clean diaper things so the vinyl is an added protection against that happening.
I can only hope that these will be one of those gifts that seems innocent and cute to a first time mom but will eventually develop into a "wow, I am so glad I have these" kind of gift later.  I know I was ignorant about how crucial the practical gifts were going to be while I was pregnant with No. 1.

What is your all time favorite handmade baby shower gift?  Do you even bother with handmade or are you afraid it will go unappreciated?

- rebecca lynne

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Miss E's Orange Skirt

A few weeks ago I read Janine's post about using fabric from Tina Givens' Pernilla's Journey Collection.  She had the same issue I did which was figuring out to do with such gorgeous whimsical fabric on such a large scale.  Well, Janine ended up with this gorgeous quilt and I made this skirt with my stash of fabric from Tina Givens' Cloe's Imagination.
I wondered if the skirt is too full with two layers of gathered fabric and a pick-up of each layer in the front so she can find her feet.  But, Miss E insisted it was perfect as full and long as possible and no amount of negotiating would change her mind! 
Linking up...

- rebecca lynne

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Flying Geese Stamped Pouches

Options for my Stamp it Up Partner
Voila - flying geese stamped pencil pouch and coin purse!
I've never made a pencil pouch or coin purse before and I love the way they turned out...hee hee.
This swap was so much fun because not only did I get to learn all about stamps but I got to create these two small zip pouch styles that I've been wanting to do for awhile.
This year for me is all about swaps that force me to try new things and I am loving it.
[pencil pouch tutorial here and coin purse tutorial here
Flying geese stamp #stampitup
You may remember this post about how I ended up with this stamp pattern...
here are a few glam shots...
{it is so tiny!}
UntitledPouch in action and peek at orange lining!UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled
I have decided after having more votes for the pencil case from many of the swap participants that I will be sending my partner the pencil case!
How about this? @colelife #stampitup
Which works for me because I was hoping to be able to keep the coin purse...heh heh...

Hmmm, so what else can I stamp with these flying geese...ideas?

- rebecca lynne

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cricket in the bed

Cricket in Es bed
In case you didn't know...I am a city girl living in the country.
So - a cricket in my daughter's bed is so not cool.
It is especially even less cool when it happens to be on the one night my husband is hanging with his friends.  
i.e. not here to rescue me from said cricket

Good thing my four year old has no such qualms and had a grand old time catching that cricket in a cup and carrying him outside.  Go me for allowing her think that this was a really awesome responsibility that I was letting her do.  "Mommy let me, let me catch him..." Exactly my dear, exactly... 

If you think this is silly don't even get me started on how I feel about spiders.

- rebecca lynne 
(who is totally checking under the covers tonight before turning off the lights...)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Thought Process

Finally nailed it!
After my last stamp post I knew I wouldn't be able to live with myself until I had *fixed* my feather.  Helen, one of the admins of the Stamp it Up Swap, asked if other people's opinions meant that much to me and I explained no - but my opinion sure does!  And I just couldn't stop seeing leaf after my first stamp.  So I had to try again...  Miss E still calls this improved stamp a leaf - hahaha - but this time I don't mind because I am much happier with the result!
Flying geese feather
I started messing around and wanted to pair the feather with flying geese, kind of a inside quilter's joke.
Flying geese stamp #stampitupFlying geese and feather
But once I paired the two together I was kind of leaning more towards the geese on their own!
Kitchen sink? #stampitup
There were so many options with the geese stamp that I spent all of my weekend playing around with that!  And to think, I've never even sewn a flying geese quilt in my life.
Flying geese stamp #stampitup
I hope my swap partner likes it!

- rebecca lynne