Monday, September 16, 2013

Clean and Dirty Diaper Pouches

While pregnant with Miss E I saw these and really really really wanted clean and dirty pouches for my diaper bag.  Of course I never bought them because as so many DIYers lecture to everyone/anyone who listens "why buy something when you can make it yourself"...and as the story goes...of course I never got around to making them.  Sigh.
However, when I was invited to a recent baby shower where the gender of the baby is still a surprise I knew exactly what unisex gift I wanted to give!  Better yet - it is a first baby so these will hopefully be used through a few babies to come as well...
Diaper pouches
First I printed the words out on my computer using inkjet fabric sheets.  Then I chose a nice bright yellow fabric.
I lined the Clean pouch with regular quilting cotton fabric.  It is large enough to easily fit at least five 6 month onesies.
The Dirty pouch is lined with vinyl for all those wet accidents that happen when you are out and about with baby!  The worse is when that wet stuff leaks onto your other clean diaper things so the vinyl is an added protection against that happening.
I can only hope that these will be one of those gifts that seems innocent and cute to a first time mom but will eventually develop into a "wow, I am so glad I have these" kind of gift later.  I know I was ignorant about how crucial the practical gifts were going to be while I was pregnant with No. 1.

What is your all time favorite handmade baby shower gift?  Do you even bother with handmade or are you afraid it will go unappreciated?

- rebecca lynne


Carla said...

Brilliant! Very cute and practical

Liz DandeliondD said...

I think these are a brilliant baby shower gift... and gorgeous too.

Annabella said...

Ooh lovely!!

Janine said...

These are lovely and such a good idea :)