Saturday, September 21, 2013

Aha Moment - or how I learned about the Marcelle Medallion Quilt Pattern

Like so many DIYers I have a very very very loooong list of projects I'd like to tackle.  Just under the heading of Quilts I hope to someday finish a Swoon, Low Volume a la Sunday Morning Quilts, all solids, all Oakshott, a QAYG log cabin, Del Hi, Ruby Star Rising whole cloth, Chicopee triangles...well, you get the idea...just check out my Pinterest board and you'll see that the ideas and inspiration are endless!  [and this is just quilting, my knitting, garment making, ceramic, house decor lists are almost as equally ridiculous...]

Anyway, towards the top of that very long list I have become really fascinated with the idea of sewing something with low volume and plus signs, something with flags, and challenging myself to use my stash by mixing prints and collections.  Hahahahhaaa...well it wasn't until I saw an Instagram post by Jess from the Elven Garden that I learned about the Marcelle Medallion Quilt.  I asked her what it was and she said:


This is especially hilarious because my first response to every random question is a shrug and a "Let's Google that shit."  {Those of you who know me in real life can definitely confirm that it is true!}  So, to get this answer from Jess was totally appropriate and motivated me to delve into the world of the Marcelle Medallion pattern on IG, Pinterest, and Flickr.  On top of all of this research, I've been enjoying Jess's own Marcelle Medallion quilt developing over at her blog - really it is stunning and you should all go visit at once and make the appropriate oohs and aaahs.  Especially as she has strategically incorporated my favorite Anna Maria Horner collection ever, if you know which one I am referring to without looking then you clearly know me too well, wink!

In MRL terminology this quilt is probably going to be titled The Hole in the Head because clearly I need another project like I need another hole in my head.  However, my rationalization is that I am eliminating some other ideas on my quilt list by making a quilt with so many different techniques and fabrics that I intended to make as individual quilts anyway.  
Hmmm...maybe a better title would be The Multitasking Quilt

That kinda makes sense...right?

How about you, ever heard of the Marcelle Medallion?  If you'd like to join the Marcelle Medallion QAL more information can be found at Penny Poppleton.

- rebecca lynne


Annabella said...

Oh my goodness sweetie, you have *so* been under a rock! I adore Jess' but then I adore everything she makes and well actually I haven't seen one I don't love. Now go make yours and throw in a bit of AMH and it will be AMAZING!!

Leanne said...

I cannot believe you missed this either. The book is lovely, and a medallion quilt is on my list too.

Pokey said...

Looks like a true challenge, yours will be spectacular in your own style! :-}pokey

Jess @ The Elven Garden said...

Hahaha! I say it all the time too, but I had no idea how apt it was. It just confirms that we have to meet IRL one day. I'm so excited about your medallion :o)

Jacque said...

Hey, I've been under a rock too....or living life and trying to quilt in my spare time. LOL
I didn't know how popular that was, but now I want to make one too! :)

Patti said...

Yup! Huge rock there Rebecca! I just finished mine before the QAL started, so I haven't joined in. Maybe someday I'll do another! :-)

Ann @Bright Side of Balance said...

I'm under that rock with you Rebecca!

erin zinobile said...

Apparently I was underneath a bigger rock. I just began oogling over this quilt about a month ago, and just a few days ago found out about the quilt along...which is now over :( Boo. I will make one anyway. And post about it on my blog let's be cyber-friends!