Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fabriholics Anonymous Linky Party: WIP List

It is time to acknowledge that there are only 23 days until my fabric fast begins.
There are currently fourteen other brave souls who have signed up and pledged to also join in our fast.  After receiving a emails asking how we are all going to band together and hold each other accountable we've agreed upon some periodic linky parties wherein we will show each other how we are doing and what we are doing to cope, I mean, persevere with the fast!
Welcome to Linky Party Number 1: Work In Progress List
 Ladies, it is time to lay it all out there...that's right...time to admit to all of the UFOs or other projects you have every intention of making but haven't yet.  I for one always buy fabric with a project in mind, unfortunately, my ideas are far more plentiful than my time!  I am hoping this fabric fast will help me stop dreaming and motivate me to start making.  This is not your regular old WIP List with a list of projects I've started, meaning I've begun cutting/sewing/quilting.  No, no, no, this WIP List encompasses all the projects for which I have fabric for and have intended to create!  I am hoping that similar to a Finish-A-Long this will help me stay on task. 

[I've divided my list into groups: Piecing, Quilting, and Non-Quilty Sewing]
  1. Lou Lou Thi Spinning Stars (Miss E)
  2. Lou Lou Thi Spinning Stars (Miss V)
  3. Lou Lou Thi Spinning Stars (Miss O)
  4. Aboriginal Quilt
  5. Del Hi Quilt (see here)
  6. Mid Mod Quilt (see here)
  7. Curious Nature Quilt (see here)
  8. Peaches and Cream Quilt (see here)
  9. Friendship Quilt
  10. Lush Uptown
  11. Color Wheel Quilt (Stitched In Color's Pattern)
  12. Marcelle Medallion (see here)
  13. Midnight at the Oasis
  14. Japanese x and +
  15. Swoon
  16. Drunkard's Path
  17. Tertiary Rectangle Quilt
  18. Orange Cross Top 
  19. Echo Bella
  20. Road Fifteen Garden Gate Quilt
  21. Equilateral Triangles with Chicopee
  22. Wonky Hope Valley
  23. Dowry Mega Churndash
  24. Hand Drawn Garden Arrows
  25. Sampler Quilt such as Summer Sampler Quilt (see here)
  26. Miss E's Flannel Quilt
  27. Miss V's Flannel Quilt
  28. Heather Ross Linen Fairytale Quilt
  29. Scrappy Rainbow Log Cabin
  30. Oakshott Cotton Quilt
  31. Solid Color Quilt (see here)
  32. Low Volume Quilt a la Sunday Morning Quilts
  33. Hex on the Beach
  34. Monochromatic solids
  35. Lotus Brick Path Quilt (see here)
  36. Geode Slice Quilt
  37. Hop Scotch Quilt
  38. Clamshell/Scallop Quilt 
  1. The Flight Across (see here)
  2. Dead Simple Quilt (see here)
  3. Purple People Pleaser (see here)
  4. Sheep Baby Quilt
  5. Across the Sea Quilt
Non-Quilt Sewing
  1. Curtains for Miss E
  2. Curtains for Miss O and Miss V
  3. Garland for Miss E's room 
  4. Happy Birthday Banner
  5. Recover all pillows in Living Room (8 pillows in all)
  6. Finish Tote Pattern
  7. Shirley's Foldover Tote
  8. Foldover Clutch with Nani Iro metallic fabric
  9. Super Tote
  10. Social Tote
  11. Sewing Machine Cover
  12. Sewing Machine Travel Bag
  13. Wiksten Tova
  14. Washi Dress
  15. Flannel Pants for the Misses
  16. Studio Cherie Duffle for E, V, O and myself 
  17. Orange bins for Miss E's room
  18. Living Room bin for knitting supplies
  19. Paper pieced letters for spelling
  20. Paper pieced sewing room (see here)
  21. Laminate bathroom clutches for various people
  22. Fix duvet cover which is oversized for my duvet
  23. Hem about 20 pairs of pants
  24. Oven mitts
I am pretty sure no one else's list will be as bad as don't be shy...go on and really be honest with yourself.  Go take a look at your stash, peruse your Pinterest board, or scan your Flickr favorites and remind yourself of all those things you really do want to make with the fabric you already own!

Fabriholics, I encourage you to create your own list.  If you are so brave as to post it online (blog, flickr, facebook) please add your link to the party below...

Good Luck!

- rebecca lynne


Mystic Quilter said...

WOW Rebecca WHAT A LIST!!!!!
You are one brave soul to set these out for all to see.
Now I need a full day possibly to put a list together and post on my blog and then link up. LOL

Ella said...

Haven't started my list, but I'm pretty sure (just based on a brief attempt to clean/tidy/organize the sewing storage area a bit) that my list is AT LEAST as long as yours. I'll try to get to it tomorrow.

Trudi said...

Oh I think I could match your list, I know my quilting list is at least 22 long, and haven't even looked! Good luck in your challenge! I'll be cheering on!

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

Hmm, I don't know whether to laugh at you or cry for you. Seriously?! Of course, I say that without even wanting to stop and think what my list would include. ;)

#1 should, of course, be to quilt that bloody Flight Across already. Sheesh girl. ;)

Erin Quinn said...

That is definitely a list! I did my crazy list the other week and came up with 32 projects!! And I know I have fabric for more :-). But I am not brave enough to fast with you, so I will sit here and wish you luck.
E xx

Hannlib said...

Ha, I call these WNQIPs - works not quite in progress! I don't have a blog to link but I am planning on joining this fast, 2014 will be the year of sewing. I'm trying not to think about wnqips till I finish my actual wips but it's a looooooooong list!

Marija said...

wow, wow and WOW!!!
I DID IT!!!! I pledged to the Fabricoholics Annonimus! I did!!!
It is the right thing to do and I will do it!! :)
besides, now I get to do a pun part of inventorying my UFOs and listing them? Now that will be hilarious, I can promise you....but will do! :)

suemac said...

Wow that is an ambitious list. I need to join in. I just purchased backing fabric for most of my WIP's so I can get them done and out of the way. I have a lot on my WNIP list also. I really am going to start my Marcelle Medallion.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Crikey, that's some list you've got there, pet! Makes me feel a little ill to see it all written down like that so maybe I shouldn't do mine - it might tip me over the edge ;o) I shall be cheering you all on from the sidelines as I'm almost on a fabric fast every day as it is but don't want to make it official! I'm going to go and get my pompoms out, ready for the cheering! Good luck!!!

Lisa said...

I look at your list and see what I should be doing!

hydeeannsews said...

holy cow, what a list! I only listed the projects I thunk I actually have a shot at making in the next 6 months. once I get those done, i'll compile my true wip list that corresponds to all my purchases. maybe we need a new term rather than 'work in progress' like 'work purchased for' or 'scathingly brilliant project I already invested in'? I don't know. I can't coin anything amazing at the moment! you smarty pants girls think of something. =)

Anne Anderson said...

Can't wait to see pictures of stuff as it moves off the list. Go, Rebecca, Go!!

Jodi @ Tickle and Hide said...

I love this list! SO honest! It was exactly one of the motivators to fast this year for me - I kept buying for a project in mind and then not doing the projects! Good on you!


I couldnt even write mine down,, My kids keep giving me those precious grandkids and my list gets on hold. But I will have fun watching yours.

Rahul Kesharwani said...

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Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

I am in! Though whenever I make a commitment to not buy fabric it seems I purchase even more! So therefore have even more projects to complete. I will do up a link with pictures...soon. Pam @quilting fun

Melanie said...

Yikes, I wasn't brave enough to list all of the projects I want to do! So far I've just made a list of UFOs. Maybe later I'll do a list of future projects. Thanks for hosting!

Newbie Jen said...

I've joined the fabric fast, but I am not really creating a UFO list. Part of the rest of my quilty New Year's resolutions is to create without guilt, so the UFO list had to go. I still plan on making loads of stuff, just more on a whim.

I hope that is ok.

Pauline said...

Rebecca, you are a life-saver! I no longer feel overwhelmed and embarrassed by my own WIP list. hehehe

Can't wait to see you and everyone else blast through their own lists!