Friday, January 10, 2014

Royalynn Rabbit Hood by The Velvet Acorn

Miss V wearing a Bunny Hood.  
Pattern found here at The Velvet Acorn shop.
...pondering which is her Disney princess is her favorite...
and answering Snow White, and then explaining that it had been Jasmine 
when she was "little" but she's changed her mind...
demonstrating the "hood" function while eating cashews
The Lions.
{Miss V decided if I was going to do a photoshoot of her then it was only proper to include a portrait of her loveys as well.}
The below zero weather we have been experiencing resulted in a dinner table discussion about frostbite and the importance of hats and scarves.  It reminded me of the hood/cowl patterns I had purchased for each girl from The Velvet Acorn.  I particularly liked these patterns because they cover the head and the neck area...functioning more like a cowl than just a regular hat.  
This particular bunny hood was for Miss O, size 12-18mo from the pattern, but it is a rather large for 12-18 mos and falls over her eyes so she has refused to wear it.  Luckily Miss V, age 3, was willing to demonstrate the hood for me and be my model...
I am debating which size to make for Miss V, the 12-18 seems perfect right now but I'd like her to be able to use it next year.  Perhaps the toddler size will be just right to grow into.  I'll let you know!

- rebecca lynne


Erin Quinn said...

A very cute hat(/cowl), very cute child and clearly very well loved lions!
E xx

Leanne said...

That is a cute hat/hood. I think that one might be fitting her nicely for now. The kids need tighter hats here but one could wear a thin hat under that hood and that would cover both warm ears and cute looks.

Canadian Abroad said...

The hat is so cute, but the child is priceless. Those eyes! How can you say no to anything?!

Nat at Made in Home said...

How cute is the hat! Amazing!

hydeeann said...

very cool features on the hood. they look super warm and snuggly! we're enjoying "cold" weather in the 50's here, so I can't exactly relate to the rest of the country, but hope you all stay out of the frost!

love the kid conversation. =)

Lauren said...

does it come in my size lol

Lisa said...

What a lovely hat and it looks beautiful on your gorgeous daughter. Oh, she will be a heart breaker!