Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Frame Pouch Pieces to Cut

Frame Pouch Along

My apologies for today's post delay.  I am experiencing technical difficulties...of the health type that is!  I have been suffering from an intense migraine.  It is almost gone but it unfortunately cut into my ability to sew last night.  

I am listing the fabric pieces you need to cut using your template.  I will update you on what to do with the pieces hopefully later tonight!  At least this can get you started...

Using your template cut:
- 2 of your outer fabric
- 2 of the interfacing you will use with your outside fabric (I use fleece interfacing)
- 2 of your lining fabric
- 2 of the lining for your interfacing (optional, I will not use interfacing for my lining as I believe it is makes the pouch too thick, this will depend on your preference and type of fabric - i.e. voile you should probably use interfacing)

If you'd like to keep going then attach your interfacing to your cut pieces using the manufacturer's instructions.   It is worth reading the instructions as I learned I could use steam to secure the interfacing I am using and it worked very easily and quickly with the steam feature on my iron.  Obviously, attach the interfacing to the WRONG side of your fabric.  Wink! 

With the interfacing all secured you should have 2 outer fabric pieces and 2 lining pieces for a total of 4 pieces.  

Let me know if you have any questions!  How is it going...are you happy with your template?

- rebecca lynne


Archie the wonder dog said...

Hope your migraine completely disappears soon so you can get cracking with your pouch!

Annabella said...

So so sorry to hear you have been having migraines Becca. Take it easy lovely girl.x

Allison said...

ouch, hope you are over the migrane soon

Patti said...

Take it easy Becca and get rid of that migrane. We can wait until you are feeling better.

Kelli said...

Sorry about the migraine! Hopefully you are feeling much better by now. I was running kind of behind anyway with Halloween being yesterday and all, but I think I am caught up now. At least for the time being. Keeping my fingers crossed that my template works like its supposed to.

Katie said...

I hope you're feeling better! I will be making my template in the morning and making a post about it. :)