Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gluing the Frame Pouch

Frame Pouch Along
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I know that for many of you the gluing aspects of creating a frame pouch is the most daunting part.  In fact, it was the questions about this part of the frame pouch process that motivated me to do a PAL in the first place.  So...let's do it.  

What you will need is some appropriate glue which I discussed in the materials post of the PAL.  You will also need a flathead screwdriver or a thick needle like a yarn needle or any tool you can find that will fit within the rim of the frame.


Ready???  Heh heh...I am going to do my best to really break this down.

First flip your frame upside down and hold it with one hand.  Next take your glue and carefully guide it inside on ONE SIDE ONLY.  Remember, gravity is your friend so keep your frame upside down.  You can place the frame on a protected surface if you'd like your hands free.  

Tip: Read the instructions for your glue!  Most glues say that they are the most adhesive after one minute or so...what does that mean for you?  Wait a minute before you start placing your fabric inside!  It can be hard, and takes real self-restraint, but believe me it is worth waiting to get it correct the first time.  If you need to make yourself walk away while you wait.


Here is a close up shot of my glue.  Can you see it glistening?  What you can't see in these photos is that your glue will likely be goopy, frustratingly slow in spreading, and stringy.  Have a piece of scrap fabric or interfacing to place your glue container down or else you might get flustered and goop it all over your workstation.  Your ultimate goal is to AVOID GETTING GLUE ON YOUR POUCH FABRIC.  Just accept that glue is probably going to get on something you don't want...but better it be the metal frame than the fabric.  When the glue dries it can easily be rubbed or scraped off the metal with a finger nail...but it is much worse on the fabric.  So that should be your overall achievement --> no glue on your fabric!  


After you've patiently waited the allotted time you will want to start feeding your fabric into the frame.  Now STOP!  Remember, your frame is upside your fabric should be as well!  Believe me, it is easy to attach the wrong side to the wrong frame side so double check before any fabric hits the glue.

While holding the frame AND the fabric upside down, I line up my corners with the corners of the frame.  Then I start sliding in one side.  The way to describe it is as a pinch on the fabric while pulling down and inside the frame.  I keep a hold of the first side I have fed into the frame while working my way around the frame.  This will take two hands.  {obviously this is why I have no photo of it, heh heh}


As you can see in the photo below, I have worked my way around the frame and slid the fabric in all the way around being sure to line up the corners with the frame corners.  Oh and in case you didn't realize I am still working upside down!!!  Gravity is your friend.


Now to be sure that your fabric is fed all the way in and is securely inside you will now use your screwdriver, fat needle, or whatever other tool to fit inside the frame.  Be forewarned, the glue is still extremely dangerous now and if you push too hard with a screwdriver then you may ooze the glue out so watch out.  The glue comes out on both sides so be sure to flip your piece to the other side and check that your fabric is "safe" from glue ooze.


And, as I said, inevitably glue will ooze.  Make sure it happens on your frame!!!  When it does DO NOT TOUCH IT.  I know it is hard, it kills me not to mess with it as soon as it happens but trust me, it will be easier to deal with when it dries.  The more you fiddle with it now the more ooze and possible fabric contamination can arise!  Be patient...just let it go and deal with it later.


Again, I will remind you to check both sides of the pouch.  All the fabric that need be is inside?  No gaps?  No glue ooze on the fabric?  Looking good?  Remember, you can use your tool to be sure that the fabric is in there, just watch for glue ooze although this will decrease as time goes on and the glue dries more.


Wow.  This is really all about patience.  Because now I am going to tell you that once you have one side intact you must wait.  Well...must is strong.  You should wait.  Let the glue set so that there is no danger of the fabric sliding while you do the opposite side.  Again, I know it is hard but you can do it!  I would say to wait a few hours, but who am I kidding?  I waited about 5 minutes and then couldn't wait to get the other side done.  After are almost there!  While you wait lay your pouch down in a way that gravity can help.  


You still with me?  Almost there...soooo close!

As you can see here I've rested my frame down.  Now that it is a bit drier the glued portion is the top in this photo below.  I now need to add glue into the frame portion below.  Again, working with gravity.


The trick?  Mmmm...oh only making sure the unattached fabric doesn't get glue goop on it as you fill the frame.  Yeah, none so fun but totally doable!  I literally held the frame in my left hand and kept a few fingers spread wide to hold back the fabric while I used my right hand to drip glue inside the frame.  


Don't forget.  WAIT!  At least one minute or whatever the instructions recommend for ultimate adhesion.  I rested my frame against the table and waited.  

When the minute ended I picked up the frame in one hand, as you can see below, and working from behind the frame I guided the fabric inside the frame from the back.  It sounds complicated but it isn't.  And working with the frame upside down again you can really see where the fabric is going.  


Just as before I lined up my corners and worked the fabric inside all the way around.  Use your tool as needed and check for ooze!  Remember to flip your piece over and check both sides.


When you are done with that?  You are done!  Now, all you need to do is wait.  Hahahaha again!  This time to make the glue dry completely.  It is frustrating but do it.  Last night I wanted to take photos of mine and started to shut the frame with whoops! the fabric slipped out of the frame on the last glued side.  Agh!  Take it from me...waiting is worth it.  And, again, use gravity and if you can let your pouch dry upside down.  Wink!


Frames Requiring Hand Sewing
For those of you with the hand sewing type of frame don't worry I haven't forgotten about you!  In fact, I'd like the opportunity to make my own hand sewn frame and write up a tute of my own.  But, because I don't want to hold you back I am leaving you with this link to an Everything Mary tutorial on how to attach your frame.  

Don't forget to hook up and into our Flickr Group!  We have some awesome photos being shared so far.  Go check it out and cheer on your friends...

- rebecca lynne


Archie the wonder dog said...

Another great tutorial! There aren't many tutorials that make me smile or chuckle as I read them but you've managed it *wink*

Cajame said...

Thank you so much for creating these tutorials. Purses are something that I've been too daunted to try. Now watch me!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

thank you so much for the detailed instructions!! I have some frames that I purchased awhile ago, but have been afraid to start!! Maybe today??

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

Just checked out the Flickr group - some gorgeous purses popping up. I wish I wasn't so slow to jump on board. Hurry up frames! :)

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