Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nobody touches fur once or cashmere once - Joshua Wesson [Thursday Think Tank]

Thursday Think Tank
I have been very MIA...I'd like to blame it on Christmas but that would be totally unfair to my favorite holiday!  To be completely honest I am under medical orders to "take it easy" so I've been doing just that.  [More on why in a post-holiday post...but for those of you who care don't worry I'm fine!]  Suffice it to say I took 3 days away from the computer.  Can you believe it?  That seems like a lifetime doesn't it?  Hahahahahaa...I promise not to faint on least not until after I'm done!

In fact, I am very excited to be back online and posting for Thursday Think Tank.  I recently had a major lusting over a new idea of mine involving...


Hahahahhaaa blame it on the weather, the ridiculous snow/rain we've been having, or the fact that my favorite pair of cashmere sweatpants have a huge rent in them.   Whatever the reason there it is.  Yes, you read that right, cashmere sweatpants.  Doesn't everyone have a pair???  Well you should.

Recycled Cashmere Blanket

Sun Moon Lake Recycled Cashmere Blanket via Apartment Therapy
I've drooled over the idea of a recycled cashmere blanket since 2008 when I first came across Sun Moon Lake Cashmere Quilts.  At the time these gorgy quilts cost $900 for the largest size.  Excuse me - WHAT?  Unfortunately, now in 2011 in the hopes that these prices have grown more reasonable, I cannot find hide nor hair of Sun Moon Lake Goods.  If you should find them please do let me know!

What I DID find is this article by none other than Moonching Wu, the creator of Sun Moon Lake Goods!  Hollah!  The article instructs you how to create a Cashmere Patchwork, is anyone else as excited as I am?  So of course now I am in a mad frenzy to collect old cashmere sweaters from friends and loved ones.  I'm also thinking of popping into the local thrift shops...who knows I might get lucky.

Taking Cashmere Trades/Donations!
Have an old cashmere sweater you'd like to donate to my cause?  I'll happily trade you some fabric if you'd like!!!

Cashmere Hooded Scarf
Now come on...once I'm thinking of cashmere I couldn't just stop at one project.  I've been in the middle of creating a few hooded scarves for friends and am close to finishing up a knitted Christmas gift.  So it makes sense that knitting is the next connection when it comes to cashmere (said in sing songy voice).  

What I want to use is THIS...

Jade Sapphire's Genghis Cashmere Yarn in La Nuit

To create another one of THESE...

The Mr. MRL - a big thanks
MRL Hooded Scarf
 Interested in the Pattern? Email me.  
For me...not for him.  I just couldn't help using this photo again!  Hahahahhaaaa!

Any projects you can think of with cashmere?  Do share...I'm in lust.  If it is getting cold and snowy near you (no, I do not mean you Aussies obviously...) do wear something warm...cashmere perhaps?

- rebecca lynne

Feel free to rattle off anything that has been brewing in your creative heads.  It can be anything, quilting, home improvement, fashion, crafting, DIY gifts, cooking...whatever you have recently thought "hmmm, you know what I should create" is perfectly appropriate for the Think Tank.  Have a blog?  Grab the Thursday Think Tank button displayed on the right.  

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Janine said...

Very interesting article. Lately I tried to felt a jumper and it was a disaster! But onwards and upwards:) I hope you get time to rest up and relax over Christmas and start feeling better soon. Take care, Janine x

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

mmmmm cashmere!! Wouldn't that be nice! Most of my clothes are polyester ;)
thanks for posting that picture again, hehehehe!
Rest, rest and more rest, maybe an apple and whatever else the doctor tells you! :)

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

Argh I pressed back on my browser and lost my comment. Grr! Anyhoo... will keep an eye out for cashmere (in singsong voice) for you. Hope you have a sick-free day for Christmas. Thinking of you. x

Archie the wonder dog said...

Ohhh, cashmere! Great idea! And how about some cashmere socks and fingerless gloves to wear while sewing?! Feel better soon xx

Katie said...

I hope it's nothing serious. Get better!

I imagine cashmere sweatpants would feel great but I don't even own a pair of regular sweatpants.

Hitch and Thread said...

Hope you feel better soon. Maybe being waited on hand and foot would help :)

I love the idea of cashmere but since I don't always wear a jumper in winter not much point. I have been know to wear a scarf though. Do you think the hooded scarf would work in fabric?

Toni said...

I think that if I had a cashmere blanket I would never get off the couch! Probably best that I don't then, but it sounds like a fabulous idea. Good luck in the hunt and hope you are feeling tippytop soon!

Steven Barnes said...

That yarn looks absolutely lush! I just picked up some for my girlfriend, but it was only 50% cashmere, and that stuff looks like the real deal. So pricey though. I have dabbled with the idea of using alpaca more lately. The only thing is that the lightness is actually a bit of a turn-off, despite the warmth.

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