Friday, December 30, 2011

Resolutions: Thursday Think Tank

Thursday Think Tank

Oh the shame...I am finally posting my TTT for the week after reading my good friend Erin's TTT post.  I am glad she motivated me and I am unhappy to report that I was absent because once again I was sick.  I KNOW!!!!  I feel like all I do these days is report illness from the MRL Household.  This time it was a full blown 48 hr all the fluids leave your body one way or another virus.  Was that an over-share?  I'm sorry...I wasn't even able to read my emails via smart phone I was feeling so dizzy.  Luckily, the virus has passed and I am on the mend.  Still sticking to a BRAT diet though (bananas, rice, apples and toast) and checking the girls' temperatures regularly for signs of ickiness.

Anyway, to more important things.  I loved Erin's idea of brainstorming some New Year's I'm going to jump on her bandwagon and Think Tank a few of my own!

I am pretty anti-makeup.  Anyone who knows me in real life will tell you that when it comes to make I just Don't.  Sure, I wear it for special occasions, girls night out, dates with the Mr., and when I need extra confidence for an important trial at work.  But for the most part I go without.  That's right, no foundation, no mascara, not even gloss.  AND when I do wear makeup I wear mascara and chap stick...basic basic basic.  I abhor foundation and coverup...bleh.  I just don't see the point of painting a whole bunch of nonsense I am just going to have to wash off later and quite frankly, I'd rather spend the extra time in bed sleeping than in front of the mirror each morning.  Hahahaha!

But, I have always been blessed with clear skin, what is known as peaches and cream complexion.  Sigh, and recent hormonal shifts have changed all that.  For the first time in my life I - Have - Acne.  Ugh.  Now each time I go to the bathroom I look in the mirror and cringe as I wash my hands.  I felt embarrassed looking like a teenager going through puberty!  I finally understand what inspires some women to refuse to leave the house without what I call "the works" on their face.


Now don't get me wrong.  I still don't think all women need to paint it on each and everyday (Mommy...) ...but I am going to be more open minded and start wearing makeup more regularly myself.  I will be wearing some primer, foundation, blush, eyeliner and mascara to work until the acne clears up.  It makes me feel so adult!

Fabric Buying
Well I've been pretty good about cutting back on my fabric purchases.  But, I need to make a strong commitment to continue this trend.  Why?  Hahhahahaa, I have So Much Fabric and So Many Projects that I need to finish!  Agh!  I need to Make More and Buy Less.  That said, here are some favs that I think will find their way into my stash in the year 2012...hey, a girl's gotta live a little right?

Melody Miller for Kokka - Ruby Star Shining

How about you?  Any must have fabric collections in 2012?  Oooh...maybe you shouldn't tell me...

Clean House
Lately it seems the Mr. and I keep sniping at each other about the state of our household.   There is always something to be cleaned and always something that can be cleaner.  I will never be a neat freak, I just can't spend my time that way...

...but we could try a little harder.  It seems that the source of our discontent is different priorities at conflicting moments.  I tend to go nuts about cleaning in the morning whereas the Mr. is more of a night cleaner.  I think we need to make a schedule and that will help us keep better track and snipe less. Hmmm if only the girls were big enough to take on chores...hahahahahaaa...

How about you?  Any New Year's Resolutions?  Do share...

- rebecca lynne


Kelli said...

I need to work on that house thing, too. I am linking up b/c was finally able to read some posts on my Dad's computer, and I was able to write a post yesterday from here.. about NYResolutions and even mentioned you! :) Perfect timing! Enjoyed your post. :) Happy New Year!!

Pam said...

Interesting post, Rebecca. I'm not anti-makeup, but have never worn much myself. I do, however, like to put my eyes on before I leave the house. It makes a big difference to how I look. I have actually been able to curb my fabric buying a little, in the last few months, mainly because the amount I was buying was ridiculous and I had no more room left. I've stopped looking at specials online and have to continue this in 2012. A clean house...hmmmm... there's always better and more interesting things to do. I stopped resolving to do better in this area years ago... LOL!!! Next year I'm hoping to exercise more and I'm hoping to venture into the world of quilting. Happy New Year!!!

Katie said...

I'm completely anti-makeup and don't see that changing anytime soon. In my early 20's I would sometimes wear outrageous colors of eyeliner when I would go out, but I wouldn't remember most of the time. I don't like wasting the time or money! I'm the same way with coloring my hair. I have made some drastic changes when I was younger, but now I'm just going natural, gray hairs and all.

Sticking to a budget is number one on my personal goals list for next year. Of course, I did buy a bunch of fabric this past week to prepare for the cut to the fabric share! And yes, that does include 2 yards of those typewriters.

My other biggie is to cut way back on my technology use. Not that I am constantly on the computer, but the excess time does take away from my creative time. I even find that my attention span gets shorter the more time I am using the computer, so I look forward to getting my focus back once I cut back.

Good luck with your goals and I hope this is the last sick spell you endure this winter! (I just got over a bug myself and it sucked.)

Issabella The Cat said...

I'm about as pro "well applied makeup" as you can get, I was a makeup artist with Bobbi Brown for nearly 10 years before my current job :)
I frickin love the stuff!
But that doesn't mean I won't leave the house without any on, If you have time and a bobbi counter near you I really do recommend them, just let them know you don't normally wear it and you like looking as if you aren't wearing any and honestly you'll leave happy, with no visible outbreaks.
I've given up on a clean and tidy house.

Rebecca Lynne said...

Isabella the Cat - my sister works for Bobbi! In fact, up until her recent marriage she worked in the NYC headquarters. So don't worry...I worry BB at my wedding, my sister's wedding, my cousins' get the drill. I love how au natural BB looks! I didn't want to remark on my choice of brands because, well, you know how that can go with cosmetics. But since you mentioned it...yes, I do love me some Bobbi!!!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Great post - I don't wear much make up, usually just a bit of concealer and some powder...and if I'm going out on an evening I add mascara and eye liner but that's a rarity at the moment!!

Erin @ Billy Button Design said...

LOL very funny...Love the post Rebecca. Will do mine in the next day or two...have to get back with the living also....jetlag...a killer!