Thursday, January 12, 2012

Drama Free 2012 [Thursday Think Tank Jan 12, 2012]

So...I'm sick...again.  It seems that Baby No. 3 is really kicking my immune system's, ahem, bum.  As the Mr. put it, if there is any shred of sickness anywhere near me I catch it and then it mutates into the worst possible version of itself!  What it is probably just a runny nose in any average adult has morphed into a sore throat, migraine, throbbing sinus and cold chills for me.  It isn't just pregnancy though...illness is also brought on by stress and a new environment so it isn't totally surprising that I keep falling prey to every little bug that comes my way.

Which brings me to this week's Think Tank.  I alluded to the idea in my Resolutions Post in 2011.  It took me long enough but I am finally expanding on the notion and introducing my pledge with Kelli, from Seriously...I think it needs Stitches, to have a Drama Free 2012.

Here is the awesome button Kelli made just for the occasion!  Feel free to grab the HTML on the right and post on your blog...   Isn't it optimistic looking?  


And here is Kelli's blingy version...  You can grab it on her blog here!
Kelli and I hope to introduce ways to keep the drama OUT of 2012.  Pamper yourself, spoil yourself, share your good vibes with others, spread the love, ignore those energy vampires in your life, focus on the people that put a smile on your face!  Obviously I need to start on a boosting your health post for myself...hahahahaaa...

I'm curious how you all try to keep drama from taking over your lives.  Let me know in a message below!

In the meantime I'd love to know what you are all think tanking these days.  Still on target with your 2012 Resolutions and Projects?  Link up to Thursday Think Tank so we can all read up on it!

- rebecca lynne

p.s. Today is my official First Day of Work at my New Job.  If you have time send me a good wish!!!

Feel free to rattle off anything that has been brewing in your creative heads.  It can be anything, quilting, home improvement, fashion, crafting, DIY gifts, cooking...whatever you have recently thought "hmmm, you know what I should create" is perfectly appropriate for the Think Tank.  Have a blog?  Grab the Thursday Think Tank button displayed on the right.  

Thursday Think Tank

Please leave a link to your T.T.T. on your blog in the linky party below or leave a comment with your Thursday Think Tank ideas!


Kelli said...

What's in my head.. thinking about having a giveaway sometime in the not too distant future. Wouldn't that be fun? And getting rid of all things Christmas-y in this house! Sorry to hear you are sick again!! Now's the time to pamper yourself for sure!! Forget the things that start with need to, want to, probably should do, etc. and only do the ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO items, until you're all better! Oh..and I love your term, "energy vampires". LOL :o) Feel better soon! xo

Issabella The Cat said...

I keep the drama away by being a meanie and just plain old not standing for it. Everyone is allowed to have a whinge and whine now and again but when it happens every time you sit down for a coffee with them its time to have a good hard look at the situation. I also believe in the power of hot bubble baths (without interruptions!) to calm nerves :) I posted a rather rude embroidery on my blog this week that sums up how I feel about 2012 and it sings along nicely with your wishes to make the year drama free :D

Right now I'm sitting petting a pile of AMH voiles and wondering what the heck I'm going to make with them because I've been a wimp and can't bring myself to cut them up!

Janine said...

Love the buttons and hope you're soon feeling better:)

Sandy said...

Good luck at your new job and with your pregnancy! Feel better soon.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Good luck with the job! I hope everyone is nice to you! I'd like a drama free 2012...well, at the moment I'd settle for a drama free January...get well soon x

Craft Couture by T.C. said...

Good luck on your first day at your new job and congratulations on Baby #3! How exciting!

I love your idea of drama free 2012. I will post about my TTT soon. :)

Snoodles said...

Good luck at your new job, and I sure hope the wee babe lets your immune system get more stable! So sorry you are feeling under the weather. Thanks for hosting the linky party....I'm all for less drama, and one way for me is to cut stress...I'm having guest posters sometimes, so I don't have to freak over "what shall I write today?" LOL

Snoodles said...

I tried to link up, but I don't see it....I posted it on my blog, too. :)

Sana Saroti said...

Hey Rebecca, I am so behind with my reading and commenting! Congratulations on the good baby news!!! And good luck with the job. Hope you feel better soon and I will definitely look into that Drama free post on Kelli's blog. I will have a lot of excitement going on this year and I would love to keep the drama out ;-)

Katie said...

I love the idea of a drama free year. I go for it all the time, but drama seems to find me anyway.

How was your first day at work? Hope you're feeling better soon!

Toni said...

Yuck! Being sick sucks anyway, but sick while pregnant triple-sucks! Hope you are feeling better by now and that your first day of work was excellent and drama-free!