Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lots of Little Projects [WIP Wednesday Jan 11, 2012]

I never had a chance to post my pretty little pouch swap goodies!  I received this very cool log cabin pouch and little zip pouch from Jen at The Messy Nest!  If you haven't yet you should check out The Messy Nest.  I respect that Jen's blogging style is so real and down to earth...she doesn't mind sharing her perspective with the rest of us and I love that she doesn't make excuses for living life on her own terms. It is really such a fresh blog and I am glad she was my partner so that I can now learn a bit more about her.  


You can see in the picture above that the larger pouch is very generous in size, which I love btw, but the zipper opening at top (see below) is rather small in comparison.  I was wondering how to maximize this design element when it hit me that a small opening in a large pouch is the perfect travel container for makeup/bathroom accessories...preventing small fingers from reaching inside and easily dumping everything out if you know what I mean!  I cannot count the number of times Miss V has been found in possession of items from my bathroom case - reinforced zippers notwithstanding.


The best part of my swap from Jen is the fact that she sent me the extra fabric from the pouch!  Isn't that so amazingly generous?  As I decided to use the pouch as a travel bathroom pouch I thought what better than to use the extra fabric to make a makeup brush roll to go along with it?  So I did...

Here is the makeup brush roll front using the extra fabric Jen sent with the pouch:


Here is the inside of the roll.  I used a plain black fabric for the lining because it will be easier to see the brushes against it:

And here is the roll with the brushes inside.  I took my mother's advice and arranged the brushes in the order that I use them in the morning...starting with foundation brushes moving all the way through the eyes to the blenders.  What organized thinking isn't it?

Here is the whole family.  I've already taken the smaller zip pouch and thrown some lipgloss and mascara in it for my everyday needs.  How matchy matchy and cute!

I realize I haven't posted for WIP Wednesday in months.  I guess it is became my biggest WIP, Baby No. 3, was such a big secret that I just couldn't get behind writing a post!  Luckily, the news it out so I feel happy to be back in the thick of sewing again...

I am still working on the crayon carriers for my niece and nephew.  I don't know why but I have been dragging my feet on these.  Luckily the easy makeup roll got me motivated again.
I decided that at their Pre-K and Kindergarten ages a crayon suitcase would be better utilized than a crayon roll.  This way they can use it in the car and anywhere else they travel.  It will be about a 7hr drive for them to visit what better way to thank them for enduring such a long car trip than with a gift they can use during their travels?  I searched high and low for an appropriate blank journal so that their creativity can run wild.  



I just need to add handles and the front fabric and it should be all set.  Then onto crayon suitcase No. 2.

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- rebecca lynne


Annaliese said...

What a great idea on the makeup roll! the "put them in the order you use 'em" logic is simple & yet genius...

Toni said...

Great projects you've got going on! I like the pouches you got and totally agree on the kids and bathroom accessories... No bueno. The makeup brush holder you made looks great. I really need to make something like that, maybe it would inspire me to actually use my makeup!

Kelli said...

I love your matching set! :o) Cute pouches, and you're right about the small zipper making it less easy to dump out/get into. Genius!

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

Love those suitcases! Having paper on hand with crayons is a must, if you don't want colourful walls etc. Brilliant!

FabricDonkey said...

The swap pouches are awesome and your brush roll is ingenious in its organization. Hurray for matchy matchiness. The crayon carriers look great too. I'm currently working on something to keep my little one occupied too. I will have to keep this in mind for her crayons.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the pouches and the brush roll and the crayon suitcase is a wonderful idea!!

Katie said...

I love the pouch you got. Great idea on the crayon suitcases. I should make something similar to hold my sketching supplies.