Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Simple Mid Mod Mother's Love Quilt

Thanks so much for everyone's supportive comments on my last post...I love how many of you observed that even though I am swamped that I sound very happy.  And you would be right!  I am happy!  I especially needed to remember that today when I have a house full of sick toddlers and one sick hubby to contend with...  As my co-worker observed "you are probably going to wish you were at work today..." why, whatever could he mean?

Well, regardless of the sick I am finishing up this simple quilt for Miss O.  She is to take it to daycare with her so I needed it to be especially comforting...for me that is...I'm sure she wouldn't recognize designer quilting fabric from a diaper!  I thought of sending her with the sheep, but, this is my last baby and I just needed to know I am leaving her with a special something from me.  So - I did it - I cut into the Midwest Modern Fuschia yardage I've been hoarding for a special day.  Mmmm cutting into a much beloved fabric for an offspring - now THAT is a mother's love for you!


I used a Kona solid for the back and was going to do basic lines but got bored.  Instead I went a little crazy with wavy lines and added some random flubbing.  I just love that type of quilted texture!  


I'm thinking it looks like seaweed.  There is a summer thought if I ever had one.  I am almost finished with the binding, which, for the sake of time I chose to do by machine.  I know, not my fav technique, but on the other hand probably wise as a handsewn binding may not hold up as well in daycare anyway!  Sigh, thank goodness O will be 5 minutes down the road from me...I will miss her so much!

- rebecca lynne


The Amateur Quilter (Mike Pearson) said...

The pink color is very nice and happy on the eyes :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

It's a beautiful quilt, I'm sure it'll provide soothing naps! Good luck with battling the lurgy!

audrey said...

I LOVE everything about this quilt! The mama love, the amazing back, the quilting lines--*swoon!*

Kelli said...

I LOVE the fabric, and I'm sure Miss O. will feel your love wrapped around her in a hug whenever she is wrapped in it. :o) Hope everyone is well soon! xoxo

Cherie said...

A fun looking quilt! I'm sure it'll be much loved =D

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

aahhh sweetie! That is gorgeous fabric! The quilting looks very cool.
Really hope the mrl household is feeling better very soon xxx

Patti said...

Snuggle worthy for sure, Rebecca! And very pink, which little girls love! Will you be able to visit her during the day?

Rebecca said...

Love your seaweed wavy lines. Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday.