Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Swapping, Drafting, Reading [WIP]

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Fulham Road Cotton Lawn

I'm also working on sewing more Infinity Scarves...and more importantly finishing the pattern to share with all of you!  I just gathered this last bundle of Alexander Henry's Fulham Road cotton lawn to make one more Fall themed infinity scarf.  Mmmm yum.

Rockin the GenQ

I've also been reading the Gen Q magazine.  Have any of you checked this out?  I cringed a bit at the price but decided to at least try it out once to see if it is worth it.  Damn am I glad I made the investment.  Seriously, it is like these ladies read my mind.  One of the first articles inside is about the best movies to sew to of all time.  I couldn't believe it - but they were all of my favorites!  Yes yes Pride & Prejudice (both old and new) are listed...
Then they had a feature about linen, my most recent obsession, so again, reading my mind.  They also had this really great article about Amy Butler and her droolworthy hubby David.  Gorgeous photos.  At first, I was afraid of being annoyed by the oh-so-talented Butlers but they are just so amazing I fell in love with their story and appreciate their creativity that much more.  Plus, the magazine includes the pattern for the quilt featured by the Butlers on the cover.  When you take all this great stuff into consideration it is so worth the $9.  

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- rebecca lynne


Snoodles said...

Looks like a great magazine!

Cherie said...

Such a fun set of WIPs. Some gorgeous prints there for the scarves!!
Gosh it's crazy how much some magazines cost. I got on a couple weeks back that cost me £9.99 about $16. It was well worth the money though =D