Monday, November 11, 2013

Making Christmas: Preparing for Thanksgiving

The MRL household has promptly shifted from Halloween decor into Thanksgiving prep...  I spent some time wrestling with the white lights and stringing them across for a bistro effect in the dining area.  In the evening when the sun is down it really gives a soft atmosphere perfect for drinking wine and enjoying dessert.  The Mr. and I will enjoy this most during the upcoming snowy winter evenings!
I rolled out our this grainsack table runner which lightens up our dark wood French Country Style kitchen table.  I love that the turquoise stripe down its center pulls the otherwise nondescript blue chair cushions into focus.  This casual rustic look matches our anything goes style and yet still dresses up the table just a bit.
As we are hosting Thanksgiving this year I really wanted to do something festive for a centerpiece.  My goal was to incorporate some light colored gourds and do a big bountiful pile of them for the table like this.  But, I must've missed gourd season because I can't find any!  I've opted for these mercury glass globes with cording which will double for Christmas as well.
The girls had so much fun helping with the Halloween decorations that they happily helped out with this informal turkey garland.
I was told to inform you all that this red and orange turkey is the Daddy turkey.
Not sure if this yellowish turkey has a designation and I wasn't given any further instruction so he must be a distant cousin that no one really knows!
How is your decorating going???

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- rebecca lynne


Nat at Made in Home said...

LOve it! So pretty.No thanksgiving decoration at ours but full steam onto Christmas.

Leanne said...

It is looking good at your house!

Jacque said...

Love your decorating! Especially the daddy turkey LOL!

Janine said...

Great lights and fun turkeys :) Your kitchen looks gorgeous! I especially love your french furniture with the feedsack runner and the blackboard :)

Anne Anderson said...

I don't know how you do it! Looks great, the lights especially. How did you attach them to the ceiling?