Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miss Os Zig Zag Quilt: A Making Christmas Finish!

Miss O's Zig Zag
Miss O's Zig Zag Flannel and Fleece Quilt is finally finished!  Actually, it has been finished all week, but it has been pouring here so I was waiting for a photo op to become available.  Unfortunately, my only option was to brave the snow and take it outside this morning!  
I have a feeling this will be my last outdoor photoshoot for some time.  Ah, winter...
Miss O's Zig Zag Closeup
Can you see the snow falling in this shot?  I was trying to tale the photo so it would appear against the flannel.  Anna Maria Horner  Good Folks and Lou Lou Thi flannel of course.  You can read more about the progression of this quilt here.
Fleece Backing
I chose a durable fleece for the back and was just going to knot it or do little x's with my machine to quilt the back to the top.  But I ended up doing these little swirls and the flannel/fleece combination was like butter for the Juki!  I rather like the pattern it creates on the back.
FMQ on Fleece and FlannelMiss O's Zig Zag Back
I have quite a few strands to cut from the swirls now that it is complete - I am looking forward snipping those while sitting under it in the evening as we watch tele.
Miss O's Zig Zag
Even Miss Portia was dying to go in during this photoshoot...can you spot here there amidst the snow and grass?  She almost looks like a large leaf!
And as promised - me as a Sugar Skull!  
[The Beer Pong going on in the background is NOT at my house but at a Halloween Party we attended!  Hahahahaa...]
Sugar Skull


Don't forget to stop by Quilt Matters to see how everyone's holiday makes are progressing and to learn about how to create a Holiday Card Holder!

- rebecca lynne


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Oh it's so pretty (though not all the pictures loaded?), how lovely and snuggly for winter! You look brilliant as a sugar skull and i know it was you necking all those beers ;-)

Rebecca Lynne said...

Oh no! They all posted for me...which ones are missing?

Susan Owenby said...

uh oh! flickr is putting up a message that about half of the photos are missing. I can see the top and the back and all that snow though! Looks like you need to pull that quilt down and curl up in it!

Nice finish! :)

Farm Quilter said...

Photos 1, 3 and 8 posted for me :( Lovely quilt and such a cute Sugar Skull!!

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

Whoop whoop! Beautiful finish. Only 2 more to go. ;)

PS - good work on the face painting. Did you have fun?

Vera said...

Pretty quilt and interesting way to quilt it.

Janine said...

Snow already! I'm very envious we have rain and wind and rain (which messes up our internet!) and rain and rain...Your quilt is gorgeous. Congrats on finishing it. And your sugar skull makeover looks great. You really set a trend with your brainstorming post :)