Sunday, February 10, 2013

My New Bestie...

My New Bestie
Without my sewing machine this rotary tool has become my best friend...  
I have also become very fond of playing around with color palettes.  I am so enchanted by these big blocks of color that I am planning on creating one quilt with four large blocks.  Was just trying to decide which way to go...

Option 1- Just Four
Clockwise: Ta Dot Teal, Les Amis Star Pods, Les Amis Faux Bois Gray, Ta Dot Yellow

Option 2 - All Teal
Clockwise: Textured Basics Teal Diamonds, Flora & Fauna Patty Young, Ta Dot Teal, Les Amis Star Pods Teal

Mmmm yum.  I have also been doing some serious EPP.  Too early to show anything yet, I started with a color palette I later decided against and so I had to scrap and start over, so not fun.  But, I think I am on a better track now!  Hope you had a good/productive weekend.

I am off to figure out 40 Valentine's Day Cards for daycare.  Yippee (<-- read sarcasm)

- rebecca lynne

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Allison said...

nice to see you are keeping busy while you wait for your sewing machine. I really like option#2, it is so pretty :) we are avoiding all Valentines Day themed events of all the groups we are part of this year. Last year it was ridiculous, since apparently a simple card isn't enough anymore and most people were giving bags of candy with the valentines. by the time I multiply that by three kids, and every group we are a part of, that is way more candy than I want to give or recieve.