Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quilters' Haven - My LQS

I have a LQS!  What?  A local quilt shop!  No joke!

It was a beautiful friendly shop with a very open minded shop owner, Janice, who took the time to hear my spiel about the Modern Quilt Guild and my interest in modern quilting.  We chatted about how to target 30-somethings and I eyed her long-arm quilting machine with a delighted grin.  Oh, yes, I will take advantage of those services being so near!  I'm sure many of you home quilters can agree...sometimes the thought of the quilting just Being Done is more enticing than the satisfaction of doing it yourself on your home machine.

Although Quilters' Haven is not a mecca of modern deliciousness that us Modern Fabric Crazies all lust for... [Thank goodness right?  Can you imagine how tempting dangerous that would be to have so close in real life?]  Janice has in stock some Timeless Treasures basics which I am always in need of and, even more importantly, AURIFIL!  Aaaaaaawwwwwwhhhhhh <--- imagine a choir of angels singing here.
Quilters' Haven also carries a number of modern books including this one which I fingered lustfully.  Mmmm there are a few projects in there I wouldn't mind tackling.
Oh, right, and what motivated me to find Quilters' Haven?  My 'nina has some funky tension issues going on...groan...  I'm hoping a thorough cleaning by the local sewing-machine-fixer-upper will solve the glitch.  After all I can't quilt This and have it end up all funky.  Miss E would never forgive me and Yes, even at the ripe age of 4...she would notice!

If you are nearby - go stop into Quilters' Haven!

- rebecca lynne


Carla said...

Always good to support our local shops. Enjoy your week end ; )

Canadian Abroad said...

Give time I am sure you will have your lqs stocking more and more modern fabrics. Major bonus on the Aurifil.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Oh to have a local Aurifil supplier!