Thursday, April 11, 2013

2013 FAL Q2

she can quilt

Alright, once more unto the breach, dear friends!  This time I am going to be a bit more gutsy and add even MORE stuff onto my list.  Who knows, maybe if there is more pressure I'll actually finish more stuff?  (I know, highly unlikely.)

Whatever.  :p  Let's begin shall we?

Project 1: New Nephew Quilt
I began this quilt top months ago.  I know, I'm awful.  My nephew is already born.  What did I expect, that these HSTs would magically put themselves together and become quilt and bound on their own?  Wishful thinking!

Project 2(+): Twin Quilts
Technically this could be 2 projects because it is 2 quilts for a set of soon to be twins.  But, in all fairness I cannot think of the quilts separately because they are clearly going to be a set!  Again, another project where I bought fabric, drew a layout, began cutting and piecing, and whoop - No Fairies have come by and finished it all up for me???  I don't want to reveal too many photos here because it will ruin the surprise but the Mom to be has already seen the fabric so I will post the strips...  Luckily the Twins aren't born yet, but it could be soon!

I cut all the pieces, did the complete layout, and then put this away while in a Studio cleaning frenzy.  And how does it go?  Out of sight, out of mind!  I better finish this while Miss V is still having a purple love affair...

Project 4: Joy, for the Queen
Who am I kidding, this is never going to happen...but what the hell I'll add it to the list anyway.  I can dream can't I?  Since this quilt is for moi I doubt I'll push it to the head of the line, but you never know.

You are linking up to the 2013 FAL Q2 as well aren't you?  Don't leave me hanging!

- rebecca lynne


Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

I like them all! Get a babysitter for a weekend and sew, sew, sew. Okay, so that's probably not happening for you, either, but we can always dream, eh? Have a super day!

Carla said...

Great list ; ) I have the same philosophy. Enjoy your finishes

Archie the wonder dog said...

There are going to be lots of lovely things for us to see over the next three months, I can't wait!

Di said...

A big list but you will get through some of the projects which is a score! Di x

Leanne said...

Each of these is lovely, it will be a colourful spring in your sewing room.