Monday, April 15, 2013

Peaches & Cream

Pouty rosebud mouth, peachy cheeks, salmon creases where your skin touched the mattress, rumpled hair, smooshy just woke up face, and flirty shy wake up smiles.  
Outgrown are so many of the clothes your sisters wore before you.  Outgrown quickly, too quickly.  No other baby of mine will wear them.
Soon there will be no more crib, no more middle of the night bonding, no more quick baby breaths against my neck, no more open mouth kisses. You are my last baby and while you always be a baby to me I know I have to document these last bits...the hush hush of putting you down to sleep, or the shhhhh's to calm you, the way you curl your little body against mine, the glow of your peachy pink skin, the nuzzling, the coos, the toothless grins, the famished frenzied nursing after nap or the groggy silent feeding waltz in the middle of sleep.
My peaches and cream baby.  Where has the time gone?

Top to Bottom: Moda Ruby Cotton Grey Dainty, Kona Salmon, Kona Peach, Deerfield Zig Zag Pink, 3 Sisters Etchings Floral Script, Aneela Hoey Posy Bouquet Honeysuckle, Kona Ivory

- rebecca lynne

Note to self:  This overwhelming sadness all started because Miss O outgrew the awesome crocheted piggy hat, the pink and gray one with the sparkly faceted buttons for eyes.  When I realized no one else was ever going to be small enough to wear that hat in our household it really hit me how much Phi had grown.


Canadian Abroad said...

Oh lord, you are going to make me cry. I sobbed when I stopped feeding Em as I knew that was it, I was never going to do that again. The joy of watching your children grow is mixed with these moments of sadness as each stage passes.

Kelli said...

It's so bittersweet.. I was cleaning out A's closet today, and it was sad seeing clothes that he had outgrown so quickly. :/ It just goes by so fast!

Annabella said...

I feel exactly the same with Z - he turns 5 next month and a new develomental stage will be reached as he progresses with reading and writing and I feel like before I know it he'll be off to college. All we can do is treasure each moment and perhaps turn the machine off more often haha! Beautiful post and your little one is so adorable :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

Beautiful post for a beautiful baby by a beautiful mammy...

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

oh sweetie I totally know all that you are feeling. I'm soaking up all of my little one but each stage is tinged with sadness knowing it will be the last time. I had a third because I missed the feeding and babyness... at this rate you're going to make me want another one!!

Jacque said...

Lovely, poignant post...yes, it is bittersweet...enjoy each moment as it arrives, and kiss it softly as it leaves. :)

Leanne said...

Keep that hat, you might have a grand child or two in your house one day! Luckily there are many many more moments to enjoy as they grow older.