Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Clean House [Thursday Think Tank]


I've been thinking a lot about cleaning lately.  How I can stay on top of it, where to begin, and is it even possible?  Ha!  Why all this concern?  Well...we are seriously close to, if all goes well I don't want to jinx it, moving into a new home.  So...I want to have a good cleaning regimen.  A fresh start for our new place!

I'm a bit of a clutter person (cough cough) so I am not sure if I can actually pull it off...but I am going to dry my damn hardest!  I want my girls to learn to at least some good habits.  Any tips anyone can give me?

Speaking of being a mom check out this article...what do you think?

This Think Tank is pretty random for me this week so I'm hooking up to Really Random Thursday.  

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Kelli said...

Congrats on the almost new home!! Yay! :) (my fingers are crossed so as not to jinx) I think I have the same habits as you. I have pinned this particular sheet, too, but haven't been so great at implementing it. Drowning in clutter over here, too.. Off to read that article. :) xoxo

Kelli said...

Hmm. I think people put their children as their profile photos b/c they are so in love with them, and seeing them there makes them happy. And it's natural for moms to talk about their kids with other moms. Because that's their greatest love. If my Mom had FB when she was in her 30's she may have put that one really cute photo of the three of us as her profile pic.. who knows? But none of this stuff was around then, so it's kind of like comparing apples and oranges. What did you think? I mean, I see her point.. a little tiny bit.. but it seems like she's being pretty harsh on women.

Canadian Abroad said...

As I am a completely crap housekeeper I offer no advise. I point out to my husband that I didn't live in a tip until I got married and had kids. I can deal with my own mess. It is their mess that does my head in and made me give up.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Love that picture, may need to print it out ;)
That article has me shaking my head, I agree with Kelli - the author has some sort of point but it's a pretty tenuous link with facebook profile pictures!! Not really a great assessment of women's identities or what it means to us to have children. I agree with the point of wanting to discuss topics other than children but then it is what I do most of the time!! Like everything I think it's a balance and I'm fairly certain she wrote this article very close to a deadline so didn't give it too much though!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Sod the picture, I need a cleaner ;o) My fingers are firmly crossed for your move xx

Cherie said...

Ooooh another person in the process of moving! Must be a USA thing. A great idea on the rota they come in handy for a lot of things =D

Janine said...

I'm uneasy about the extent to which some people parade their children publicly - for example politicians wanting to look family friendly. And I wonder how much future teenagers will appreciate some of their toddler photos floating about on the internet. The sentence that stood out for me was: 'with all good intentions, we have over-devoted ourselves to our children’s education and entertainment' and I would genuinely ask for whose benefit that is. IMHO it often stifles imagination and creativity and is more about the adults wanting to conform to an idea of being a 'good parent' than the child's well being. You can see I'm a cereal box and crayon and send them out to climb trees generation lol!