Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013 FAL Q3

she can quilt

Be afraid, be very afraid...I recently pulled out all of my WIPs and realized I really really really have to step it up here and finish some things.  Just to prove it to myself?  I have pulled a small portion of what I have actually begun and haven't finished to remind myself of how serious this problem is.  [This is the tip of the iceberg!]

Project 1: Matryoshka Mega Pouch A
My mother is coming to visit - I best get this done before she gets here or you may never hear from me again...
Matryoshkas on Linen detail

Project 2: Matryoshka Mega Pouch B
It wouldn't be fair to finish my mother's pouch without then finishing my mother-in-law's!
Matryoshkas on White

Project 3(+): Twin Quilts
I've made progress on this since last time...but still no FINISHES!

Again, progress since last time.  But I have to iron the backing and decide if I am adding to it...then QUILT, LABEL, BIND, FINISH!!!  How can I let that little cutie down?

Project 5: Something Soft and Pink
This has been on my design wall for months.  I'd like to use my wall again so I need to get this little piece done!
Working on something soft

Project 6: Foldover Tote
Just waiting for the handles...this really just requires an afternoon of no interruptions.
because starting something new seemed like a good idea?  I need a sanity check...

Project 7: Shelburne Falls Strip Quilt
This is a random project I've been sewing/ironing on and off in between other things.  Shrug, I should just pull the trigger and see it through...
Shelburne Falls Jellyroll

Project 8: Peaches & Cream
Now that my squishiest tush is walking (sigh) I think I have been subconsciously avoiding this beautiful stack of fabrics.  I already started cutting and kind of abandoned it for other shiny brighter things - specifically brighter colors because that seems to suit my mood these days.  But, I'd like to have this done before Miss O is completely independent and then I'll really need it to cuddle with!
Peaches & Cream Revised Palette

Project 9: Family Tree
With the new Juki I am thinking this quilting is actually possible.  I know what I want to do but as I hope this quilt to be a family heirloom for future generations I am hesitant to just rush into it.  Need to do a few practice runs with my FMQ to be sure I can execute what is in my head!

Project 10: Joy, for the Queen
As I said before --- Who am I kidding, this is never going to happen...but what the hell I'll add it to the list anyway.  I can dream can't I?  Since this quilt is for moi I doubt I'll push it to the head of the line, but you never know.

- rebecca lynne


Carla said...

Looking forward to seeing your finishes

Leanne said...

Great list, lots of quilts to break that new machine on! I am pulling for you to get them, or some of them, done.

Erin @ Billy Button Design said...

Ah how many quilts??? I thought I was bad

Nat at Made in Home said...

So many projects! It is all going to look amazing. Cannot wait to see your tote!

Annabella said...

Yikesadoodle Rebecca!! Gorgeous projects - go girl!

Katherine said...

Drool worthy list! Seriously can't wait to see more on each of these. Fingers crossed for you, Rebecca! Happy sewing!!!

Pokey said...

Lists help, and now that you've posted it, I bet you'll get them completed...oh, I'm cheerin' for the Queen's quilt first ~