Sunday, July 7, 2013

Crayon Purse {and how I almost accomplished monogamy}

Damn I love how fast this sewing machine is!
{fabric from valori wells' cocoon collection}

My goal this weekend was to practice some project monogamy.  I figured if I can just commit to working on One Thing then I will actually finish something!  Well...I only got so far with that plan...

Project monogamy started out by working on this fold over tote using Lotta Jansdotter's Glimma canvas which I had bought with the express purpose of using to create a tote.  However, I got it in my head to make a fold over tote and I didn't see a pattern that I liked so I decided to create one from scratch.  This is where you should start thinking things like "don't bite off more than you can chew."
[Also, the other part of my monogamy plan was that if I worked on the project that pops into my head at the moment it pops into my head then maybe I'll have the steam to complete it right then and there.  Instead what usually happens is I come up with an idea, buy all the supplies, and then never find the time to execute it...anyone else have that problem?]
because starting something new seemed like a good idea?  I need a sanity check...
I got pretty far on my fold over tote and even took sketches, notes, and a template to create a pattern.  But eventually I lost my way when it came to handles so I needed a break.  I plan on a long strap to wear the bag as a crossbody (see the loop on the left side of photo?  that is for the long strap. don't worry there is one on the right too it just isn't in this photo because it and I were having a fight at the time I took the photo...we reconciled early this morning when I sewed it back on) and I want short handles at the opening/on top to carry it by hand.  I am stuck on the short handle part.  Do I use cord, jute, webbing, quilted handles, leather...ugh...I want the bag to be a bit polished so probably not patchwork handles but leather is hard to find the right style/size in so I am considering covered jute there a way to make jute look less industrial?

Anyway - so I said screw it to monogamy and had a quick fling with something else I needed to finish by this Thursday anyway.  :p

Meet the Crayon Purse.
What every little girl needs, a purse for her stickers, crayons, and paper...Untitled
As modeled by Miss E.  Don't you love how she oh so nonchalantly holds onto the handles?  Her little pinky doing its own thing!Untitled
Did I mention how much I freaking love my Juki???  Seriously, is it possible for a sewing machine to make you more efficient?  Or is it all in my head and I just feel like I am more efficient.  Because, man, this little purse flew by So Quickly.  

Well that was my was yours?

- rebecca lynne


Leanne said...

Lovely bags, I especially like the yellow one so far. Nice to hear that you love the new machine.

Emma's Daughter said...

I love the little crayon purse, but I love even more the precious pudgy fingers on your model!

Mara Cockman said...

Beautiful job on the purse so fay (and the crayon tote). I'm impressed that you can go off pattern, I wish I had the courage to do that. I recently saw someone use a leather belt as their purse handle and thought that looked awesome. I made a mental note to give it a try next time I make a purse. Just something to add to your list of possibilities.

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love both bags and can't wait to see the yellow one finished! Miss E is such a cutie!

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Love the crayon tote - that is so cute!

Had to laugh about the project monogamy. So many ideas, too hard to do it all in order!!