Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Purple People Pleaser

Meet the Purple People Pleaser!  (the top at least...)
This top was a play on the traditional Rail Fence block like the example in Denyse Schmidt's book Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration.  Clearly I deviated quite a bit, actually now that I look at it I deviated much much more than I ever intended.  Whoops!
This was a huge break away from my comfort zone by using  1) some of my favorite stash that I've been saving forever (i.e. all the AMH Innocent Crush fabrics) 2) a combination of different collections 3) using my least favorite color - purple!
I waffle between loving it and being unsure of whether I like it.  I think it is mostly because I was aiming for the rail fence layout and in the end abandoned it for what looked right to me.  
However, my opinion is mostly irrelevant as this quilt is not intended for me but for the little people pleaser in my household...and of course her favorite color?  Purple.Untitled
And based on this reaction she had once she spied me taking these photos I think the Purple People Pleaser is a hit!  Here she is sneaking in for a closer look...before I knew it she was hugging "her blanket."
Complete with the purple bracelet, necklace, and skirt.  I couldn't have planned it better!

The backing is going to be a lime green.  It will play off of the green in the AMH fabric and yellow bees in Patti Young's fabric in the photo above.  I am thinking straight line quilting possibly using a hot pink thread?  My thought is to create a subtle pattern with the straight line quilting, almost like a plaid.

Is that crazy?

- rebecca lynne


Leanne said...

Your plan sounds great! I like it and your daughter obviously loves it.

Archie the wonder dog said...

This is fabulous!!! I love your plans for the back and the quilting - can't wait to see it!

Jacque said...

Crazy like a fox! It will be awesome!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Great quilting plans! It looks fab! And she looks so tiny hugging it!! Love the new header too (sorry if its not new, I'm behind with Blog reading!)