Thursday, October 24, 2013

Going Double with Wiksten Tank [TGIFF]

Wiksten Tank
I am going to Quilts=Arts=Quilts at the Schweinfurth this weekend (with a bunch of my WNYMQG peeps!) and at some point in my unrealistic unreasonable stubborn get an idea in your head and then you are obsessed until it is accomplished even though you have absolutely no free time at all kind of way decided wouldn't it be great to try out that Wiksten Tank pattern and wear something you made to that quilt exhibition?
Yeah - I don't know - sometimes I'm too crazy for myself.
What's even crazier?
Making two new tanks.  Yup, I'm certifiable...
Done!  Cashmere sweats and a Wiksten Tank...classy...  #wiksten @colelife @but_1st_coffey
I love the feathers, but I've got to admit that this isn't the most flattering photo.  The Mr. said uh, that is a bad angle...sweet isn't he?  Hahahahaaa!  But I adore this pattern in this fabric so I had to share it anyway, my ego can handle it.  ;)
Hey Steph recognize the fabric?? @colelife  #wiksten
The second tank came out much easier/faster/better than the first.  Using Julianna Horner's line for JoAnn Fabrics!  I love the green...

Glad I scratched that Wiksten itch - my brain was getting Marcelle withdrawal...have to nail those triangles.

Now to decide which tank to wear this weekend!

- rebecca lynne

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Issabella The Cat said...

I Loooove those tanks!
I am rather jealous as I suck at garment sewing, I managed botched a washi dress up! Hope you have an amazing weekend :)