Sunday, October 20, 2013

No Comment???

Wnymqg nametag @colelife I think I need to re-embroider my name lower!  Thoughts?
Life in the MRL studio has been, well, to call it scattered is putting it mildly...I am literally like a frog jumping from one thing to another.  This usually works pretty well for me but eventually SMACK this frog hits a level of anxiety amidst the chaos.  That moment is tonight and I am probably going to get off the computer after this post and regroup (i.e. reorganize the studio and prioritize the 4 projects littering my cutting station).
First I am regrouping virtually with a few snaps of my WIPs - I swear I have been doing something it just doesn't feel coherent (inner monologue: because it isn't, you dope).  I finished my nametag, above, however I will be ripping it out and redoing the embroidered name because clearly it needs to be lowered and will bother me forever until I adjust it.  U-G-H.  Don't ask how it ended up floating up so high, I don't really know what I was thinking except I thought there would be less below the "lynne"?  Math was never my strong suit.
Closer. #marcellemedallion #mmqal
Then every night as a reward I have been working on my Marcelle Medallion.  Between us - I am scared to pieces of putting those stupid triangles together which is probably why I am stalling!  Agh!  I am freaking that they are not going to line up.  crap.  Only one way to find out right?
And because I acquired some beautiful fabric at a local fabric shop (i.e. rare for me out here in the middle of nowhere) I began making a Wiksten Tank...this took just a few hours and I am just putting the finishing touches on this evening.  I ordered this pattern last year which is unusual for me because I usually figure out garment patterns via trial and error...I printed it, taped it up, etc. in the Spring but never got around to using it.  Finally!  I am so excited to have something for me - to wear!
#msb #logcabin
Lastly, but definitely not least are Emily's October month's Bee Blocks for the Modern Stitching Bee.  I was very on top of this having started them the very first week of October until I decided that the block on the left was growing wonky, one link of the cabin was out of place and it kept growing worse.  Plus, that bright blue wasn't jiving with the request Emily made for Navy.  So...I ripped it apart.  
Take 2. Because one strip was off and it was getting wonkier with each turn... #logcabin #msb #masochist
Don't worry it is back together now but I have to catch up and finish these babies to mail them to Emily!

Lastly - and most importantly - I have been blog reading via my phone as usual and realized --->

What the HELL?  
(sorry, but really this puts a cramp in my blog socializing)

What is going on?  Does anyone know?  Can I fix this?  It is absolutely Infuriating.  First to type up your comment on such a small stupid keyboard and then to press Done/Enter whatever and have the damn thing disappear???  AGH!!!!  I've left comments all week without realizing this until yesterday - who knows, maybe I visited you and had an opinion but you will never know now...

Don't forget these are still ongoing...
Low Volume Swap
Ends the 26th of October and I still haven't found anyone with my favorite Pink Buttoned Up from Good Folks!!!

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- rebecca lynne
{who is off to tear apart and regroup her studio...}


Sandy said...

I had the same problem pop up with my iPhone - all of a sudden I couldn't leave comments on blogs. Same as you, I would type in the comment and it would disappear. I finally "solved" the problem by enabling cookies on my iPhone settings. Try it - it may work for you too.

Jess @ The Elven Garden said...

Re the commenting - I much prefer feedly over bloglovin, but can't comment from my iPad using feedly. Not sure what reader you use, and if that makes a difference? Anyhow, love your marcelle as you know - and excited to see your wiksten! I bought the date night dress pattern today and I'm hoping to start it tonight :o)

Jacque said...

Love seeing your blocks....oh, ripping things out is a pain. LOL Take care and have a good week!

Leanne said...

Sounds like a week, I need to use my phone more for blog reading, I might be able to keep up better then.

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

I love triangles but am scared of them too! I have faith in you though. Good luck!! x

Sara said...

Just found your blog. Love your projects and mostly the colors you've picked. Nice!

hydeeannsews said...

breathe! hope the regroup went well. =) and the projects carry on despite your difficulties and fears.
so sorry about your phone. I do most of my commenting that way, too. I already have issues with that teeny, tiny keyboard. to have the comments disappear would be awful. I did get a comment from you, or at least a reply, earlier this week. hope you get this figured out, too!