Saturday, July 16, 2011

Funky Aboriginal Windows [3 Layout and Why I NEED a Design Board]

In my last post I regaled you with the adventures of choosing fabric and cutting it for the FAW Quilt.  I also promised to preview the last fabric we purchased in an effort to even out the black fabric we were determined to use.   Well...drum it is:
And yes, it is really black and those bright star shapes add a lot of white interest as well.  I think it helps brighten up the quilt and am really happy we went with this choice.  The official name is Wild Fruit Black.

Now that we had all of our fabric choices it was time to layout our pattern.  I cannot emphasize how painstaking this was - granted most people are not as anal when it comes to fabric layout as Shirley and me!  How can I possibly demonstrate what I mean?  Well, how about some diagrams I made illustrating our different layout versions.  [I know, dork.]

Let me begin by saying that the follow pathetic excuse for photography is Exhibit A in defense of my Why I NEED a Design Wall crusade (directed at husband/mother who know my birthday is impending).  These layouts were on the floor of Shirley's oriental carpet (which I magicked away using the computer) and required us to crawl around on the floor to pick them up, move them around etc.  We had a lot of help from Ms. V who wanted to eat the fabric, Ms. E who wanted to help us arrange them, and Miyu who wanted to roll around and generally rub herself on the squares.  Furthermore, I am 5'2".  This layout is (hmm doing some basic math via calculator) 56" x 56".  Put us together with a camera and you receive photos taken while I stand on tippy toes in an attempt to get the whole layout in the shot.  Voila - craptastic photography.  Don't Judge!

Version 1                                                            This had two glaring Hot Pink Blocks in it that were driving us crazy. We couldn't handle it because the pink stood out enough already amidst the various browns, blues, and yellows.  So Bleh, couldn't have that.

Version 2                                                          There was this whole row of flip flopping pink and black borders and centers.  No thanks. 

Version 3            
I liked Version 3 a lot...but there were two centers, both on black frames that kept coming up diagonal to each other.  So, that didn't work either.
I'm not sure how we ended up at the final layout.  This is a short post but the layout took All Day to figure out. Going back and forth, leaving the room, revisiting it...ugh...  At one point my friend Lauren of SoireeBKNY was on the phone with me as I struggled with the layout.  She asked Are you doing something? / Yes I'm trying to fix this Aboriginal Quilt / She answered Yeah, I can tell by the way you sound.  Ha, so obviously I was bit distracted not to mention frustrated!  However we got there eventually and ended up with this:

Final Funky Aboriginal Windows Quilt Layout

I'm really happy with the balance of all the squares with this layout.  The border, a little bit of which you can see at the top there, is a light gold which I think will really lighten the quilt up and bring out all the yellows and emphasizing the blues in the fabrics.

It needs to be sewn...but for right now I need a break from this color palette.  The aboriginal fabric is unique & beautiful, one of my favorite combinations.  But, it is hot, it is summer, and I am in the mood for something bright and funky!  As predicted, my mother is already asking what is going on with Spinning Stars and I am probably going to start working on that soon.  As for today?  A wheat beer on the patio is in order.  Have a great weekend!

- rebecca lynne

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