Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Revisiting the Banner

Ugh...I knew it would happen eventually.  This is why internet browsing gets me in trouble!  There is just too much inspiration out there.  Geez Louise.

I really love my current banner.  It was fun to make and it was one of those rare times that I saw something in my head and actually successfully reproduced it.  It is a digi scrapbook using some of my pieces of work (quilts, jewelry, baking) with flowers, shabby chic elements, and cute text.  At first I was happy with it being a flat rectangular banner, but when I keep coming back to the blog I wish it blended in with it more.  But how to do that without giving up the aesthetic of the white?  And besides, even if it had a "background" color it would still be a rectangular banner on the page.  I decided to ignore it for a bit and see come back to it at some later point.

That was when I stumbled upon www.sparktheevent.com.  Ladies and Gents this banner rocks!  It resolves the problem of the Rectangle On Page issue that I have and well it is so damn cute.  I am a sucker for birds/sparrows in that shabby chic style...I might just have to bring that element into my own banner design especially as it brings some height into it as the bird flies towards the banner.  Love it!


Obviously I want to make my banner unique to me - so I do not intend to copy Spark simply use the composition as inspiration...  Although upon closer inspection our banners share some of the same elements such as the paper flags, butterflies, and flowers.  This might take awhile for me to revamp my banner as my design really focused on a left to right orientation so I'll have to work with making it a vertical layout.  I'll keep you posted!

- rebecca lynne  

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