Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Working it out

I have a lot on my plate right now.  Trying to get contacts established in my future home - that is my roundabout way of saying "networking for job hunting purposes."  Applying for jobs no one will hire me for because I am over educated/qualified.  Really not the most glamourous position to be in as I am sure you can imagine.  And, to top it off, Miss V caught a stomach bug when we took her for her last checkup and is really miserable thus making us all miserable for her.  So far Miss E hasn't caught it from her sister - thank god!

Anyway, as usual when inundated my creative juices go crazy, probably because I would rather avoid reality.  I didn't want to leave you out of my banner process so I'll just quickly post some things here.  Here are my starting steps using Memory Mixer to revamp the banner.  Not sure what elements will stay, what will leave, or what will find themselves is hard to vocalize this process so instead I'll just show you some images of my progress thus far.  I didn't draw a sketch for this one (probably a bad move on my part) I just started playing around on the computer right off the bat.  Thoughts anyone?

This was the first start.  I chose a background for the blog and the banner.  Not sure if the B/W Shoulder Blade shot is going to make it in the final edition.  Upsetting because it has been my tag photo for a long time in various things and sentimentally disappointing because my Bro took that shot of me while hanging out in a bar eons ago.  Someone recently told me that as a 30-something mother I had no business using a shot of myself like that in anything - pssht - what?  I haven't given up on myself yet...
This is the latest version.  No, I am not sure what is going on with that flying pig...but isn't he damn cute?  Can't decide whether top is too busy yet, but at this size on my screen I am liking the busy.  Still need the rebecca lynne and a photo. I also don't know how to add in a shot of my quilts although something came to me last night in a dream...if I can just work that it maybe that'll be the clincher.
In other news, I began cutting fabric for one Spinning Stars Quilt.  Ha, I need more fabric!  I am one shape short in the solid pink fabric I bought.  Agh!  I am going to have to hunt and make sure I buy the exact kind of fabric again.  Wish me luck.

I'll have a post on Spinning Stars soon.  Love working with Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi line...can't wait to show you pics as it is so cheerful and summery!

- rebecca lynne

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