Monday, July 11, 2011

While I cut fabric...

I am in the midst of cutting fabric.  With two quilt projects in the works this could be awhile...

I thought I'd quickly post and point out my new Banner.  I made it last night using Memory Mixer.  I originally bought Memory Mixer to create a one of a kind book for my daughters using digital scrapbooking.  I want their book to be perfect so it is taking some serious planning and time.  Any digital scrappers out there?  It is a fascinating design cool for anyone who loves 2D Art and computers.  Yet another project on my list to blog about.  I intend to post some of my digital scrapbook pages in the future and show you how the book is progressing.

What do you think of the banner so far?  As I'm sure I'll change it (knowing me sooner than later) I have included a copy of it in this post.  I know it doesn't have fabric in it...yet...but this is a start.  Much better than the plain boring title!

- rebecca lynne

UPDATE: While writing "I'm sure I'll change it" two sentences above it occurred to me that if I was already writing that then yeah, the banner wasn't going to cut it.  Ugh.  Don't you hate when you realize that?  You make something, convince yourself it works, and then realize literally 20 seconds later...mmm not so much.  So yes, I spent my post-dinner evening creating a new banner from scratch.  And voila, Making Rebecca Lynne was born.  I love it!  What do you think?  To learn more about the title see my About page.  

I've added it below for posterity.  I'm already thinking about making a holiday themed banner...ooh like for Halloween or maybe my birthday...agh, I must stop myself the potential is endless!

 - rebecca lynne

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