Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday - July 27th 2011

"I'm taking the time for a number of things that weren't important yesterday...and I still go..." Fixing a Hole by The Beatles

A few of the quilting blogs I follow, and a number of the Tumblr blogs I occasionally peruse, post a "Work in Progress" on Wednesday.  I previously rejected this idea for my Lush Cluster Blog as it made me feel pressured to write something up about what I was or wasn't working know...guilt.  But, I've changed my perspective on that and have decided it might be a good thing to take stock each week on how things are going and to really lay it out on the table exactly what I have gotten myself into.  I tend to forget how many things I start and it isn't until too late that I realize, crap, what was I thinking starting all these things?  I'm going to take the B.W.O. stance on it and see how it goes.  [Feel free to visit my little B.W.O. bird on the top right over there to see what blogging without obligation is all about!]

Projects Accomplished:
  • New Banner (see above!)
  • New Haircut - not sure if it is too short...but it grows back.  (see photo below)
  • Lush Cluster Diamond Necklace for Shirley Project completed this week!  
    • Whew hew.  I even took some pictures and will do a little mini post on that soon.  Here is a sneak peak...
Lush Cluster Diamond Necklace
Projects In Progress:
  • Spinning Stars Pink Quilt
    • All center star pieces are cut
    • 1/2 of the corner pieces are cut
    • Ran out of pink fabric for star borders, ordered more, am awaiting post!
Spinning Stars Center Pieces out of Loulouthi by AMH
  • Funky Aboriginal Windows Quilt
    • Can't actually take credit for this one...but Shirley started sewing, 7 out of 16 squares have been sewn - Go Shirley!
  • Lush Cluster Bridal Order #1
    • 1 Pair of Earrings completed...9 more to go
  • Lush Cluster Bridal Order #2
    • Worked diligently on one piece, plan to finish this week and send photos to bride for approval

Projects Sadly Untouched:
  • Spinning Stars Orange Quilt (decided to work on Pink one first and go from there)
  • Squishes Room (on hold as we are moving next week)
  • Lush Cluster Vina Necklace Order (confirmed order but haven't started)
  • Mani/Pedi which I hope to accomplish tomorrow...fingers crossed...

3 Completed (if you can count my haircut...and I do)
4 Works in Progress
4 Awaiting the Love (Not counting the thousand or so back-burner projects I have in my brain)

Given the fact that I was sick, oh and Miss E succumbed to illness shortly thereafter, overall I can't be too disappointed in myself.  Just wait until I go back to work...then those figures will really be scary!  

Have any WIPs of your own?

- rebecca lynne

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