Sunday, March 3, 2013

An epiphany about safety pinning a quilt sandwich...

Yeah...I hate that $%!@.  Seriously, I hate the whole safety pin crap.  Ugh.  Now I totally remember why I have a gajillion quilt tops and none of them are quilted.  
Rainbow Quilt using Pinmoors
The pinmoors by the way are ridiculously amazing.  I was totally cool beans getting through this stupid process until I used them all up.  Clearly I need to find more because this will not do.  This quilt top is sitting in my living room undone because I hate the stupid safety pin process.  

Dumb.  Yes I am lazy.  Yes I am a whiner.  Yes better people than I put up with all this for the love of quilting.  
Well, give them a cookie because I just hate it.
So I took a break from it this weekend and started something small during a rare quiet moment (read: the children were occupying themselves with something that didn't involve me; in fact my favorite quote of the weekend?  Miss E: "Mommy, we are making too!").  
Eventually my new project required safety pinning and I was driven mad again as I cursed not having more pinmoors but I pushed through it.
A finish soon to come!

- rebecca lynne

p.s. My comments above are real.  I don't work for pinmoor nor do they know I  love them so much.  They just rock that much!


Ann said...

I hate the pinning process too, but more because its so freaking time consuming!!!!! Therefore like you, I have lots of tops done and then I move on to the next project. :)

This last quilt I made, I used a spray baste and it was done so quickly! I had a couple puckers in the back so I need to figure out a better/smoother way to do it. I wish I had a large design wall I could cover in newspaper (who am I kidding I wish I had a design wall period!). Using a spray baste on a wall seems to be the easiest way to sandwich a quilt from all the YouTube videos I have watched.

Jenny Squawk said...

I don't mind the pinning anymore. I use safety pins and the grapefruit spoon method. Life changed. No pricks and scratches.

Leanne said...

I think maybe you are pinning differently from me. It usually takes me less than an hour to place the back down, smooth on the batting, position and smooth down the top and pin the whole quilt, including the king size one I did. I put the pins about 8" apart on all sides, and don't get puckers. I did a tutorial a long while back the trick is in the smoothing of the back, batting and top. But having said that, the pinmoors sound fun too.

Kelli said...

You are making me want to stay up late in my pj's tonight and order pinmoors by the case. I don't know how they work, nor have I heard of them until you mentioned them, but I share your hatred of safety pins, and I don't get along with spray baste that well either. *sigh* Miss you! :) xo

Jeneta said...

I don't like pinning either. I have spent the last few weeks thinking that there has got to be an easier/faster way. I haven't tried pinmores before - only curved safety pins. Looking forward to seeing your finish!

Jeneta said...

I would love to ask Jenny Squawk what the grapefruit spoon method is!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love the look of the pinmoors! I use normal (i.e. straight, not curved/bent) safety pins and a teaspoon and make sure I have a film to watch! I tell myself that it's not so bad and definitely easier and faster than preparing a quilt for hand quilting...all that tacking takes me days!

Love the photos of your girls!

Needled Mom said...

I love the pinmoors too. It makes the task so much easier.

Snoodles said...

LOL I have GOT to try those!

Pat Merkle said...

I just bought 200 pack of pinmoors on the pinmoor web site. Great price.

Cotton Sparrow said...

FYI, I looked into getting pinmoors at the shop and talked to Lauretta @ pinmoor, and she said they aren''t selling wholesale anymore:( so we will all just have to get them online. boo.