Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Think Tank Obituary(?)

Thursday Think Tank
There have been some awesome loyal MRL followers who have asked "uh, so, no more Thursday Think Tank?"  To be honest I didn't really intend to go cold turkey on Thursdays.  However, no matter how much I plan ahead earlier in the week of blogging I can't seem to get my T.T.T. posts lined up - my life is just too busy!  Once it started being a chore instead of fun I couldn't really justify doing it.  I realize that I just have so little free time and if I am not using that free time to do what I want then why am is it really worth doing that thing?  Now - if anyone else who was into T.T.T. wants to take it up for awhile or guest post or whatever then I am all for it.  However, I'd direct your attention to Sew Thinky Thursdays on Mommy's Nap Time.  Clearly not exactly the same thing as she asks a question and yet it is probably much more sustainable because of that focus.  Shrug.

I have some other grandiose ideas I'd like to fool around with as a weekly thing.  But, again, grand ideas require time and I just haven't gotten my act together to do anything further.  Hahahahaa...that is why I started T.T.T. because I just get too many damn ideas in my head and needed to record them!

Thanks for your support in this.  Love to hear your thoughts, if you missed it then I'd love to know!

- rebecca lynne 


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Yes I've missed it!!! I've been checking every Thursday and sometimes linking up in the hopes you'd be there ;)
If it is a chore for you though then just let it go - it's only fun if you're enjoying it!

Erin Quinn said...

I agree with Lucy. If you don't enjoy it, then it's time for it to slowly go to the place old ideas go.
I have looked for it, I liked having a reason to blah all of what's in my head, but I didn't link up every week and it's a lot of work for you, if we don't do our half :-).
But now you can go back to enjoying the parts of blogging that work for you.
E xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

Even though I didn't link up very often (maybe only once?!) I have missed your posts but, like Lucy, I think that if it isn't fun any more or it's taking time away from other things (like sewing!) then you're right to stop. I'm intrigued about your other ideas - would they work as a monthly thing rather than weekly?

Kelli said...

I've missed you, too.. but totally understand how other things take priority. :) I'm glad you're blogging more often, though, about whatever fun that you're up to!

Janine said...

I have missed TTT but I completely agree with everyone else. If it has become a chore it's time to stop. I often have a bad tendency of thinking about sewing too much and then regretting that I didn't spend the time actually sewing instead :)