Monday, July 16, 2012

Fabric Eye Candy


I finished this simple patchwork top before leaving on Holiday.  
Just love how deliciously SUMMER it looks don't you?  More pics once I've gifted it...

Hope you are staying cool!

- rebecca lynne


Kelli said...

Looks gorgeous from here.. can't wait to see the finished photo.. how on earth are you finding time to sew.. with three little ones, and one just a baby? One five year old keeps me hopping and struggling to find time for myself. Keep on truckin', sister! :o)

Snoodles said...

Gorgeous summer-time fabrics! Looking forward to seeing the reveal!

Cherie said...

Oooh that is eye candy for sure! Loving those colours =D

Also I've added some new fabrics into my swap shop, as well as a new one via Flickr. If you're interested feel free to check them out =D

Erin said...

Gorgeous colours! So bright and fun. x