Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday

The other day I mentioned that I was determined to get a head start on Christmas presents.  Lo and behold - I actually started on one of the girls' zig zag quilts!  I began with the Ophelia colorway...

One excellent nap by three amazing daughters allowed me to make this pile of AMH flannels...


into these beauteous 6.5" squares


and just as I was doing this laborious pinning...a baby cried...haha saved by the baby...


Fortunately, when they slept later that night I was able to finish up preparations and do this...


I'm already dreaming up what I am going to do with the scraps!

Selvage Brainstorm

Linking up to WIP Wednesday.  How about you...what are you up to these days?

- rebecca lynne

- Hummingbirds & Hexagons Quilt (binding)
- Special Secret Part 1 (backing)
- Special Secret Part 2 (piecing top)
- Miss Vs Colorway (cutting)
- Miss Es Colorway (cutting)


Archie the wonder dog said...

Wow, that was fast!!!
P.S. I love your pins!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

So very pretty! I love the 3 colourways you chose, they are all going to be beautiful! The fabrics are so utterly gorgeous and I love the pins too :)

Toni said...

Three kids napping at the same time is paradise! Those quilts are going to be fabulous!

Cherie said...

The fabrics looks great! You have such awesome looking pins! =D

Annabella said...

Well it`s going to be amazing isn`t it?? I have to make my son a zig zag quilt as that is his nickname as his initials are ZZ.