Thursday, July 12, 2012

QuiltCon MRL Style [Thursday Think Tank]

If you are a quilt blog reader then you must know about the upcoming QuiltCon presented by The Modern Quilt Guild.  Since I live under a rock and I know about it I assume everyone else does too...  And, because all the hotels in Austin near the QuiltCon are already sold out I think my assumption is pretty safe!

Unfortunately, given our recent dedication to fix our finances and buy a home I will not be traveling to Austin to partake in the QuiltCon.  S-I-G-H.  Bummer...

However, Mary Fons, one of the scheduled participants at this year's QuiltCon, is actually going to be lecturing near me at the Chautauqua Institution's Annual Quilt Show.  Say what?  Now I was going to boycott the Institution's quilt show this year because it went so poorly for me last year.  How, you may ask, could a quilt show go poorly for a mere onlooker?  Well...I was pretty much the youngest person there and the other quilters were definitely giving me a hard time about it...actually commenting on my interest as if I could not possibly know the first thing about sewing two pieces of fabric together let alone sandwiching fabric and batting (or wadding as my Brit friends say) to create a quilt.  It left me feeling very sour and I was not going to return this year.  But...when I saw that Mary Fons was going to be there and lecturing on the rise of 30-something quilters no less I decided it was time to give the show a second chance.  Besides, if I can't go to QuiltCon at least I see Mary Fons in my own backyard instead!  

Not too shabby, eh?

So what are you Think Tanking these days?

- rebecca lynne

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Archie the wonder dog said...

I hope the quilt show visit goes better this year - maybe you could make Miss O a fabulously complicated quilt for her pram and take her along so you can show it (and her!) off to all the doubters! I'll be interested to read about Mary's speech - will you be taking notes?!

Cherie said...

It's a real shame when people make you feel like that! I'm sure now you'll maybe know more hints and secrets to sewing than they do!
Hope you have a good time =D

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

How fun and you go show them what us young quilters are made of!! ;)

Kelli said...

You HAVE to go to the lecture.. you might be the only young person there!! *wink* I hope the show is filled with youngster-modern quilters just to show those reverse-agist ladies. :o) I miss you!