Sunday, July 8, 2012

Zoo Crazy

Miss E and Baby Orangutan

We have been in the house for almost two solid weeks.  Yup, you read me right, fourteen days.  A newborn, an almost two year old, a three year old, two parents and two grandparents (different sets of grandparents traded off during that span of time) in a three bedroom house with no air conditioning.  For those of you who aren't in the contiguous United States - it has been hot here lately.  Where the MRL Family lives, Far Far Away, it has been 85 degrees or more all weekend.

You can only imagine that the words Stir Crazy do not even begin to apply...

So, when Miss E had to go all the way back for her post operation appointment in Erie, PA this Friday we jumped on the chance to do something out of the house!  The Zoo was the perfect opportunity for us to all be together - the animals would entertain the older two while the open air would help Miss O avoid the infectious germs that comes with closed in crowded areas like a Children's Museum (ew).

Miss V notices the enormous Rhino
Rhino checkin' out the excited Miss V
Zoo Path
Miss V and Biti
So... I am not exactly the nature loving type.  Far from it.  Like, very far.  When I lived in Colorado  (allegedly one of the United States' healthiest states) I once explained to someone that my idea of exercise was a brisk walk through the shopping mall.  Hahahhaaa, I didn't win any points for that comment.  I love animals, I love running - on asphalt, but when it comes to hiking, wearing bug spray or even sunscreen for that matter I am so not your girl.  However, I married a nature loving type and apparently my daughters take after their father in that respect.  You can imagine my surprise when I turned from checking on Miss O in the stroller to seeing Miss E having a serious moment with a brand new baby Orangutan.  I mean these two were having a serious one on one...  She and the baby were literally staring into each other's eyes while I, stupidly, had put the camera away and was now fumbling to get my trusty Nikon out of its protective case! this glorious age of cell phones {read sarcasm} everyone ELSE in the Orangutan viewing area all of a sudden noticed that my firstborn had hypnotized this baby Orangutan.  They all swarmed around the glass case and Miss E wielding their phones.  I could barely push past the oohing and aaahing crowd to take a shot of my own daughter let alone make sure no one snatched her!

This all resulted in the following picture:


Oh the age of technology.  Luckily I am rather happy with the cropping I did in the picture at the start of this post!  On the positive end of cell phone photography, I am totally digging Instagram these days.  If you have an account leave me your username in a comment below - I love seeing what everyone else takes shots of!  You can find me at makingrebeccalynne.

As usual, I still found a way to incorporate Fiber Art into some aspect of our weekend.  In the African area of the Zoo I couldn't help notice the beautiful textiles they included for atmosphere...
Loving the patchwork quality...

I see Chevron everywhere these days!

Blockprint, awesome colors

Who doesn't like flying fish?
Overall it was an awesome day.  Miss E checks out and all is back to being well in the MRL Household.  Whew hew!  

Under the heading of Make I spent a lot of my weekend doing this...

Binding by Hand
H&H binding by hand

How was your weekend?

- rebecca lynne


Patti Shanks said...

Is that the cutest photo ever, or what!!

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Beautiful photo of the two littl'uns! She'll cherish that for ever!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Oh my gosh!! What a fun day and how adorable!! Amazing what fresh air can do (although I'm with you on the bugs and stuff!!)
I can't wait to see that quilt :) xx

Cherie said...

Wow the Zoo looked like fun! You know you can sue those people for taking pictures of your child without your permission! =D

Archie the wonder dog said...

What a cute photo!! Miss E has a new friend!!!