Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stash Rehash [Thursday Think Tank]

Thursday Think Tank
I've been reconsidering my stash.  I am starting to rethink how I have it organized...  The more I ponder the more I want to spend a whole day in my sewing room ripping things apart and reorganizing!
Random by Color
MRL In Color Order Stash - in a DRAWER
For guidance, I have revisited Jeni's Art of Choosing.  Last year when I followed along I couldn't bring myself to break up some of my most precious collections...
Katie Jump Rope
Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope
Hope Valley
Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley
Chloe's Imagination
Tina Givens Chloe's Imagination
But now I am reconsidering and I think that the time has come to break up some of my collections.  Well, some of them.  Also, instead of keeping everything in drawers or bins I am going to display at least my collection that is kept in color order.  I think SEEING the fabric may help me make my choices a little easier.  Plus, who can resist the lust over seeing all that glorious fabric beautifully laid out?  I'm thinking of doing something like this...

{source: Wren Handmade}

Hmmm how awesome if I could find the time to do this and show you photos...ah there is motivation!

What are you all Think Tanking these days?  Link up and share the ideas!

- rebecca lynne

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Archie the wonder dog said...

Good luck with the reorganising - I expect we'll see the fruits of your labour next week?!!

Cherie said...

Reorganising is a tough job! I eventually need to get round to doing the same thing! My fabric is just all put together with no organisation what so ever! I think I'll go by colour....once the fabric I ordered arrives =D

Patti Shanks said...

I'm in the reorganizing process right now, Becca, and I'm using comic book boards which is working really well!

Erin said...

Oh, if only you could see my stash. Not pretty! :(

Snoodles said...

My stash is a mess....I truly need to do that kind of organizing!

Sana Saroti said...

Oh my, I need to do the same so badly. I've bought the coolest IKEA CD shelf that is perfect for FQs. I just didnt wanna set it up, before moving all my other furniture.