Tuesday, October 9, 2012

For the very first time... & Pattern Winner!

So I have to admit, and this admission may irk a few people, I did not get the whole Liberty of London fascination.   Everywhere I read about this amazing fabric...and I was kind of like "eh" it just didn't grab me.  Until I saw this Childhood Treasures in Mustard in the Pink Chalk Fabrics newsletter.  I was immediately drawn to the color, the cool butterfly flower peach print...and LOOK little elephants!  Ah!
Then when this fabric arrived, mind you I was still a bit skeptical, and then I felt it...  DAMN...NOW I get it!
I am taking the advice of so many of you who entered the Scarf Pattern Giveaway and I am going to create a beautiful scarf with this divine piece of fabric...I bet you can't guess what other pattern I am going to pair with it?  Any ideas?

While you ponder - the WINNER of the 3 in 1 Infinity Scarves Pattern Giveaway is....

Hueisei from Love it Sew it....... 
Congratulations Hueisei!  I trust you will tell me whether the pattern is clear or not.  I will be emailing you shortly!

- rebecca lynne


Susan Standen said...

Oh that is a beautiful piece of fabric! I didn't get the Liberty thing either but I love their new quilting cottons.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Congratulations to the winner!
So glad you got yourself some yummy liberty! Great print! I've always loved it but I think it was my granny and my mum's influence. One day we'll hit liberty in London and trust me you'll want it all!! X

FarahLin said...

Beautiful Liberty print, Rebecca and congrats to the winner!

Leanne said...

Oh, you need to go and read some of the history. Liberty has been making fabric since 1874 and has collaborated with some of the best designers ever. The tana lawn is amazing but different and a lot of the designs are old but stunning up close. I am so glad you have met some in person.

hueisei said...

Thank you for choosing me as the winner :)
The fabric is so beautiful and unique.

Snoodles said...

Congrats to Hueisei! Gorgeous fabric there....whatcha going to make? :)