Thursday, October 20, 2011

Focusing on the Stash Thursday Think Tank [October 20, 2011]

Thursday Think Tank

I've been giving some thought to my brainstorming as of late and have resolved to do a better job of applying the fabrics I have to my Think Tank Projects.  Oh the heartache that is caused when I devise a new idea and realize my stash will just not suit.  Sigh.  Until I have a job again I really cannot justify additional extravagant fabric purchases!  So...I am going to start with my stash and brainstorm about what to do with it.  Sound like a plan?  Well then, glad you are on board, get ready for some oldies and real lovelies to come out of their stash bins!  

Denyse Schmidt's Katie Jump Rope Quilt Collection (MRL's FQ Set)
I have been stalking people's KJR Quilts via Flickr and have decided I am not a huge fan of this fabric with many of the solids I have seen it paired with.  I want the fabric to...hahahahaa...jump (sorry I had to) out on its own but I am not really into using a white solid.  So I'm thinking of using Black.  Wait...before you cringe look at the fabric!  This collection has a lot of bits of black in it and I think the bright rainbow colors would really POP against it.

Katie Jump Rope

As for layout I was already thinking of a Box within a Box type of design to really feature the fabrics.  When I saw this quilt I immediately had an AHA moment and thought how amazing this could be with KJR.  Come on, how amazing and modern is that!

AMH's Innocent Crush Collection (MRL's FQ Set) & Drunkard's Path
When I saw Clare's Quilt on her blog I knew I had to make a DP.  [Aside from the beautiful quilt...does my attraction to this quilt have anything to do with the adorable baby and the fact that I am now technically a mother of 2 Toddlers?  Eh, perhaps.]  What a happy coincidence when Lucy pointed out the DP QAL going on right now!  But I vowed not to buy new fabric and instead decided that the time has come to delve into my AMH Innocent Crush Collection!  I already have a beautiful stash of Free Spirit Lavender solid that complements this collection perfectly...or perhaps charcoal...hmmm...  Either way I will be making use of this very soon!

Innocent Crush FQs

AMH's Loulouthi Needleworks Fabrics & Pillowcases
Really?  You cannot be surprised that I am mentioning AMH twice.  You do realize I drool over anything AMH creates right?  Thank goodness the Mr. always likes her fabrics too.  He has no idea who she is or that she makes some of his favs, all that matters is that he always have positive feedback whenever I point out AMH fabric for whatever project.  Yay!  AMH I heart you!!!    

When I  saw these To Die For, i.e. made using AMH, pillowcases over at kelbysews I immediately left a comment.  This of course led to an email back and forth with Kelly over at kelbysews about how in love I am with this idea.  Kelly's beautiful cases are made using AMH voile so I thought I would jump on that bandwagon and do the same...

Source: kelbysews "sewing selfish" post
That is until my AMH Loulouthi Needleworks Fabric arrived and it immediately spoke to me and said "we must, we must, we just must be placed on your bed and support your sleepy head."  Yes, fabric speaks to me doesn't yours speak to you?

And even better...the Mr.'s reaction.  Hahahaa, I showed him the idea with the darker more masculine blue print and his immediate reaction, no hesitation, and for those who know him you know that is huge, was an enthusiastic "oh yeah, awesome.  do it."  

The only problem now?  I wish I had bought more of the fabric to make extra pillowcases!  

I will be posting a little mini-schedule for our mini-along on Sunday/Monday.  I was hoping to get it done for Friday but I have an unexpected Job Interview scheduled in the Afternoon so I am a bit preoccupied.  (This interview appointment just happened so I am as shocked as you.)  In the meantime, how is everyone's shopping going?  Overseas folks, any problems getting supplies?  Any questions?  Hope you don't mind putting off the PAL until after Halloween.  Some of us Mommies, or should I say Mummies, have costumes to sew!

As always...

Feel free to rattle off anything that has been brewing in your creative heads.  It can be anything, quilting, home improvement, fashion, crafting, DIY gifts, cooking...whatever you have recently thought "hmmm, you know what I should create" is perfectly appropriate for the Think Tank.  Have a blog?  Grab the Thursday Think Tank button displayed on the right.  

Please leave a link to your T.T.T. on your blog in the linky party below or leave a comment with your Thursday Think Tank ideas!  

- rebecca lynne


Kelly said...

I think it's pretty hysterical that I sat and debated a good 30 minutes on whether to use the Needleworks fabric or the voile for my pillowcases and now I get to see what they would have looked like if I had gone the other way! :) I know they'll be fabulous because, after all, they're AMH!

Issabella The Cat said...

You are so right about using black with the DS fabrics! it'll make them look frickin awesome!
Hands up admission time here I adore, love and cherish AMH fabrics with a passion and payed a small fortune for her folks voiles and some flannels but I'm too scared to sew with them! Any hints or tips before I butcher my stash?

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

Ohhh that's what a DP quilt is. I've seen all these references but haven't bothered to look it up til now (thanks for the link). Me likey!

I say to go with the lavender solid. You might as well use it up while you are on your purple kick. Also, it will look totally adorable with those AMH fabrics too.

And, yes, the baby is gorgeous (I won't make any references to you needing to have another bub now...)

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the idea of the pillowcases - they'll give you lovely dreams! Thanks for the link to Clare's blog - another wonderful read (and a very cute baby!) Good luck with the interview x

Pam said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous fabric! Looking forward to the Frame Pouch Along.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

oh don't bring up babies, I'm so broody!!!
I love the AMH and used innocent crush for my daughter's huge cushion, which she constantly totes about! It will look great in a DP pattern!
I think the jump rope with black would look amazing and they would certainly jump out ;)

Katie said...

Black is perfect for the KJR. It will make the color pop and be the focus for sure!

I swear you are in my head. I've been having thoughts about how to use my stash because it's at its limit now. I have no more space for new things so it's either use it up or expand the house. I'm sure it's obvious which it will be.

I don't have all of my supplies yet, so November would be great to start pouches.

Enjoy Halloween with your little ones!

Annabella said...

I heart AMH too, and am so happy you are going to do the QAL! I think I`m using Terrain as I don`t have enough Loulouthi...I must do TTT next week - can you remind us please?? Just kidding. Have a great day Becca and I have exactly the same problem with matching projects to stash!

Allison said...

hmmm, start with the stash and decide what to make with it? maybe I should try that,too :) you've got lots of good stuff planned here, i'm looking forward to seeing your progress. And good luck with that job interview!