Sunday, October 2, 2011

Psyched, Nervous, and Complete Regroup. Sunday Sewing Stats

Whoa SELF back this up a bit before we launch into the Sunday blues.  Let's rewind to Yesterday for a minute.  Just channel Saturday Rebecca Lynne here...okay there...

HELLO!  Who has 55 Followers now?  Oh right...MRL!  Yes yes yes quality over quantity I know, I know...but give a sister a minute to just bask in the glory of reaching a goal.  A goal?  What goal?  Oh, the When I have 50 Followers Fun Giveaway Time Goal.  That's right!  So really, it is you guys who should be psyched right?  [Um, I hope, riiight?]

DSC_0091   DSC_0109   DSC_0106

I am thinking a Pouch & Some Fabric?  What about this frame pouch (5" frame)???  Do you not LOVE that lining?  The Pouch + Some Pretty Bits...maybe a some Denyse Schmidt (Katie Jump Rope?), Possibly some AMH - okay probably not you guys know I can't part with anything AMH, Amy Butler (Mid Mod perhaps?), hmmm...maybe some Heather Ross???  Some Kokka?  Feedback welcome this is all about you guys!

And on this note.  I'd like to say thank you for all the insightful comments I received in response to my Small Blog Meet post.  It rocks knowing what other bloggers think and learning that being honest and up front is as valuable to you as it is to me!  Which is good, because I can't really help myself...  Muahahahahaa!

Rambling Scenic Route Ahead - i.e. if you are here for the sewing keep moving on down the page...
Okay, back to here is the dilly.  I haven't gotten anything accomplished today except to seam rip (pretty much my least favorite thing to do when it comes to sewing, I'd rather cut fabric than seam rip).  To add insult to injury I had to seam rip something I was really proud of last night until I put it up on the design wall and realized DUH I had completely wonked my measurements.  Ugh.  Curse you math, Curse You.

Why the nerves?  Well, as people IRL know I haven't been in a courthouse for a bit (Okay, more than a bit.  A year, yes a year and 4 days tomorrow to be exact.  Freaking freak...trying not to lose it completely!).  Plus, we recently moved and which means this is a completely new courthouse and legal community that I know nothing about.  Tomorrow I will be visiting our County's Family Court to, hopefully, meet future colleagues, the Chief Clerk, and maybe the Judge?  There are so many crazy things going through my head.  It isn't as though I will be appearing before the Court...but you know, first impressions are everything and I feel really unprepared.   I even picked out my outfit beforehand (that is so not me, I am usually a "I feel red today" kind of wake up and pick out my outfit person).  I feel like I have a thousand questions for other lawyers in the area and at the moment I cannot think of a single one.  I hate this crazy nervous part of my personality.

Anyway...needless to say it has been hard to focus on anything creative today.  I just keep hoping I won't appear like a complete idiot tomorrow.  Whether I am one or not is up for debate and would require a whole different type of post.

Time to regroup.  Sunday Stats will hopefully fix me right up!  Let's see...

Sunday Sewing Stats
For my new followers (eeeeeeeeek!) you can read why I even do this whole Sunday Stats thing here.  Let's see last week's goals.  I sewed some TBs and decided maybe I should add some solid black into the mix and flesh it out a bit more.  Of course, as pointed out by Helen, this is more work for myself...but seriously what else is new?

I also completely finished XOXO the 100 Quilts for Kids!  WHEW HEW!!  Pat on the back Rebecca Lynne!

And...I completed the above pouch!  I am not sure it is the pouch for my partner...I love the Echino Madrigal in Peach with the Pink Bird...but I think I need to go Brighter for her taste.  But, I am thinking maybe this pouch would be a Great Giveaway item???  Hmmm???  Thoughts?  Reactions?

Sewing Goals for the Week of October 2, 2011
Pretty {little} Pouch Swap: Regroup about pouch colors.  Something brighter...more Pop.  Maybe take a break.
- Unnamed Quilt Top: Almost done might as well just be completely done with it
Tumbling Blocks: Sew More, contemplate additional black fabric.
Hummingbirds & Hexagons: Won't touch until something more is done with TBs.  Must prioritize.
Across the Sea QAL: FINISH BACK & QUILT, moving to bottom of list right now need to get wedding done
- Long-term: Do a block a week of Spinning Stars and Secret Project, both 9 block quilts that can be accomplished block at a time...
- Everything else on hold [Botanika, Fall/Spring, Eureka]

Non-Sewing Goals

- ***FINISH JEWELRY FOR OCT 14 WEDDING (almost done...)***
- Knit Hooded Scarf
- Still need to post about Quilt Show
- Giveaway Post
- Studio Post  

This week I have to put some of my non-sewing goals up front.  I really need to prioritize here and get the Wedding Items completed as it is one of my closest friend's wedding and is important to me!  It is just hard to get those little bits for jewelry and veil completed during the day so it is going to have to happen at night instead...

I have a lot to get done and I need some serious rest before tomorrow (when I am sure to just do something embarrassing like forget my name, I can feel it).  So I am off!  Come back later this week as I will be posting the 50 Follower Fun Giveaway!!!  Until then, have any sewing goals for the week?

- rebecca lynne

One More Thing.  Sheesh, do I get going on Sundays.  Speaking about Prioritizing!  Thank you so much for all the Birthday Wishes for Miss V.  I love sewing, and when employed I stress about work, but everyday I remind myself that the Girls and the Mr. are what really count most.  Thank you all for understanding that too!  

So here is a little peak of our Friday Birthday Party...  Don't you just love those chubby baby fingers?


kristastitched said...

oooohhhhoooohhh. good luck tomorrow. my BIL is a new lawyer, graduated from notre dame a year and a half ago. he had a hard time finding work, but did in phoenix eventually. which means i don't EVER get to see my niece... unfair! lol. Hope everything goes well for ya. You got this!

Issabella The Cat said...

With these pesky time zones and my current lack of coffee I can't seem to work out if you've already been to the courthouse or not but either way I hope it goes well for you and you get to Wow and amaze and hopefully make some great connections :)

As for possible giveaway I honestly think we all share similar tastes in fabric and pretties and heck woman it's your give away- So give away what ever you want to :D
However that purse is rather gorgeous!

Collette said...

ooh yes giveaway purses please!! so cute! xxx

Archie the wonder dog said...

Oh, she looks like she's having so much fun with that chocolate icing!! Good luck with your meeting - make sure your skirt isn't tucked in your knickers and that you don't have baby food in your hair or lipstick on your teeth ;o) You'll be great and by the time you get home you'll realise that there was nothing to worry about - don't forget to breathe! Great pouch - I'd love to win it but it's your giveaway so give what you want!!

Annabella said...

Oh good luck today at the courthouse!!! I never really did get over a slight stomach churning before appearing in court (in an advocacy role I hasten to add) but you`ll be fine and he`ll completely respect and admire you. LOVE the pouch, so just wrap it up now and pop by the post office on the way to court. Well done on all you`ve achieved this week and your greatest achievement and her adorably chubby edible as that chocolate cake! Have a great week RL! x

p.s seems I missed a post about small blog meets so will pop over and look at that later. Have to scoot!

Jackie said...

Hold on...take a deep breath! You're going to be fine - more than fine - you're going to be fantastic! I hope you do wear the red!

Happy 50! Pouches always look so fiddly and difficult to me. Your pouch totally rocks!

Anonymous said...

I'm too late to wish you luck, so I'll just say that I KNOW things went well for you. Keep breathing and remember that you know what you're doing.

Patti said...

Becca, Becca! You are going to completely win over all those people at the courthouse.They will be left wondering how they managed without you!
Your pouch is simple perfect-so glad you decided to add the lace!
Miss V wears chocolate so well, doesn't she!!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

I hope everything went brilliantly! I'm sure they'll love you :)
That pouch looks yummy and I'm sure anything you make would be divine! Any extras are a total bonus.
Oh I'm going to hate it if I don't win ;)

Katie said...

Good luck today (well, you're probably done with the courthouse visit)! I like the idea of posting goals on your blog. Do you find it helps because of accountability?

I love your pouch as well :) I keep seeing cute ones and think I need to make one (or ten).

Janine said...

Good luck with the week. Hope it's all going well and you get some time to relax :)

Kelli said...

How did I miss this post? Soo relieved that I still have a chance in the giveaway. ;) Did you get my return email? ha You'll do great tomorrow. You are superwoman.. just don't do something crazy like walk into the men's room by accident. Might leave a bad impression, esp if the judge was in there. Eek. Best of luck to you!! Love those chubby little baby fingers in the cake!

Kelli said...

Make that past tense, as I'm sure you did great *today*!

Toni said...

Ok, so I'm a little (lot) late on this good luck wish, but I'm sure you totally rocked it today! How could you not? In doing the math, it seems that you nearly gave birth in the courtroom, so I'm sure you have nothing to be nervous about. They will love you and you will kick some serious A-s-s in that place! Goodnight!

Stephanie Nagano said...

Your baby just turned one? My son is 14 months. He was born on July, 2oth, 2010. :D What's yours?

Sunday Sewing Stats... I like that! May I use that? Though my list wouldn't be as long as yours! Wow, how do you do it?

Live a Colorful Life said...

Since it's already Tuesday, I'm sure things went well yesterday and I'll look forward to hearing more details. Yes, to chubby fingers and chocolate icing. So adorable!