Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date. Sunday Sewing Stats

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If you've been wondering where I am (Erin) I was driving 8 hours home last night returning from a wedding! Beautiful wedding, awesome to see people, but extremely exhausting travel...  I prepared a whole Monday post but completely overlooked Sunday!  Agh!  I neglected Sunday Sewing Stats - this can only lead to a rapid decline in order around here.  And, so many of you know, order is holding on by a thread already.

To make matters worse I am feeling very Alice in Wonderland-ish as Miss E, Miss V and Portia are all visiting their Grandparents this week.  This is my first extended time away from Miss V and I feel very lightweight and yet sad.  Very odd to feel no ties to the Earth so to speak...shall I be Alice or the Cheshire Cat?


As I have another (awesome awesome awesome) wedding to attend and participate in as a bridesmaid this upcoming weekend I don't have much in the ways of sewing goals this week.  But, there is no reason to slack off even if my goals are small.  Therefore, here goes...

Sunday Sewing Stats
Uh, I am still finishing Wedding Items.  My brain can't even process if I finished anything last I suppose I didn't.  I accomplished a Giveaway Post so that was completed!

Sewing Goals for the Week of October 10, 2011
- Quilties
Pretty {little} Pouch Swap: Draft out idea via paper.  Fabric arrived!
- Unnamed Quilt Top: Almost done might as well just be completely done with it

Non-Sewing Goals
- ***FINISH SEWING/BEADING VEIL FOR OCT 14 WEDDING!!!! Sitting on my couch doing it right now.***

almost almost done...)***
- Framed Pouch PAL Instructions
- Mani/Pedi, Eyebrows, Sort Makeup & Pack!
- Draft Posts for MIA Days

I am planning out the Framed Pouch Along - so many of you were excited by that idea!  I will post a few ideas of things to collect and design decisions to be contemplated soon.  For now, must continue sewing the veil!

Oh and if you went to the Sewing Summit, do tell...

- rebecca lynne


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

I think you should be that slightly saucy looking Alice!!

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

I didn't mean to pester! Just missing you. And enough with the song lyrics/post titles. I won't be able to sleep with those going through my head now. :P

Archie the wonder dog said...

Definitely Alice! Good luck with the veil, etc. Can't help but notice the absence of TBs on your list ;o)

Sana Saroti said...

Out of those two? You would wanna be Alice (that's the hottest Alice I'
ve seen ;-) Hope we get to see wedding pics. I LOVE wedding pics ;-)

Annabella said...

Oh ages since I`ve been to a lovely wedding - hope you are not missing the little beans too much. Have a great week of sewing Rebecca!

Pam said...

Your littlies will be home soon enough. Make the most of your freedom.

Stephanie Nagano said...

You're almost to 100 followers! Woo hoo!

K, I'm going to poke you! Get the dateline stuff done! You can do it!