Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do you see what I see... [WIP Wednesday October 5, 2011]

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Having bad photography karma today.  Every single photo I took tonight ended up like {  }.  And, I am just exhausted so I am not going to fight with my beloved camera right now.  Actually it has nothing to do with the camera and everything to do with the lights in the studio...but I digress.  Just bear with me and accept my challenge of do you see what I see?  I don't know...squint...

Fussy Cut & Paper Pieced Frame Pouch - why?  Because I like to make my life difficult.
Echino Woven Pouch

I am still working on a pouch for my Pretty {little} Pouch Swap Partner.  This is just the exterior - I enlarged the bag style and it stands on its own.  I like the rounded shape and with the frame it is going to be darling.  As for the piecing...I wanted to do something with kind of a woven look...which I think could look really cool with solid fabrics but didn't really happen with these prints. The prints are so large that it didn't really work the way I envisioned.  But, I love the use of selvage!  What do you think?  Do you see what I see?  Is there any weaving at all and does it matter?  

Other details...  Added a bit of hand stitching in green, plan on adding the same in other colors.  Not too much just as a tiny detail.  Thinking that the yellow Heather Ross roses as lining would be perfect with so much purple.  

I have to laugh because even though it isn't the result I intended I am kind of in love with it.  I keep going back and forth between love and befuddlement...but I have odd taste so I'd really love some honest feedback.  Honest.  Yes.  From You.  Go to it.  That is why we share isn't it???  This isn't for me so I do care what you think - If I am going to mail this to a complete stranger I need to know whether it is a Yay or Nay.  So I am taking a poll.  

Unnamed Quilt Top - Something about diagonal, or Across, or Flying from one point to another...?
Alright this is the ultimate do you see what I see today.  I'm so in love with this improv quilt that I feel naked showing it to you unfinished.  Do you ever feel that way about sharing a project unfinished?  As though it won't be appreciated because your vision isn't complete yet?  Agh...well that is how I feel about this so take it easy on this one please...

To make it worse - It is almost impossible to photograph this well on my design wall.  Envision all that white open space on the right as Kona Raisin.  The whole composition is moving from one corner to the other.  I thought the shapes were flying down to the right, but now that I see it in photograph it looks like that bee is flying to the upper left corner!  {Hmmm maybe it should be called Taking Flight oooh or Far and Away, Closer...mmm something...}  

Okay - my photos aren't museum quality today but now that I see the whole thing this small I really want to move that 2nd purple block, the one in the center, it is too perfectly diagonal with its similar friends.  That was amazingly helpful input.  Awesome!



And I just love this little square floating on its own.  So it got a glam shot!

4" Scrap Pouch - making a tiny pouch using the scraps from the Unnamed Quilt.  Love the butterfly.

Tumbling Blocks
Tumbling Blocks

Well, I intentionally included the closeups to demonstrate that this is clearly not my best work.  (If you haven't followed along with the Tumbling Blocks Challenge feel free to learn about the background here.) But I hope with quilting it will all work out in the wash (oops pun).  I do like the group of them together like that and am working on a layout.  I am going to add an additional black solid.  I think my layout might be a literal interpretation of tumbling blocks, perhaps I will orient them to pile up on top of each other...tumbling down to the bottom...  I know, that sounds like a lot of work!

My Visit to Family Court
Thank you all so much for your positive vibes about my visit to the courthouse.  I met some extremely nice attorneys and have actually emailed them today in the hopes of getting some of my questions answered.  I did not meet the Judge (whew, relief) as she was very busy.  This gave me the chance to sit in the back of the courtroom and just observe without pressure.  The atmosphere is very different than Brooklyn, smaller, more formal, rigid almost.  I have a lot to process but I have a few months to do the meantime I'll be sewing as much as possible!  Some of you asked if I am looking forward to returning to work - the short answer is NO.  I am anxious because it is different than my past experience, excited at the potential of it being better than my previous position, and sad at the thought of not staying home with my girls anymore.  If any of you are working mothers with small children I am sure you understand the struggle between needing income, possibly wanting an adult life, and missing your babes.  Sigh, they do grow so fast but I have been very very very very lucky to have been home for a year and I have to remember that.

Alright, that is more than enough from me!  Don't forget tomorrow is Thursday Think Tank...what ideas are you contemplating this week?  I just had a doozy of an idea about 10 minutes ago.  Come back and see!

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- rebecca lynne


Live a Colorful Life said...

Well, first of all the pouch. I saw selvages included so you had me from the very beginning.

Imagining Kona Raisin--enjoying the thought. And the glam shot--awesome.

I hope things work out for going back to work. I know it's not easy when you have little ones.

Annabella said...

I love your posts - they always make me smile. Echino plus weaving (yes, it`s visible)plus pouch equals amazing amounts of yumminess. It`s adorable as is your improv. unfinished quilt and I admire how brave you are to show it when unfinished as I totally get the `will they get it?` feeling. How a wonderful Wednesday RL!

Collette said...

Oh you are so busy! I love your design wall, wish I had one! The pouch is cool and just lovely, lovely stuff! I got the book today by the way(blogged on it) but will write a wee round up of it asap. I am sure I will be scouring it tonight!
Collette xxx

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

That paper piecing looks amazing! Love that pouch - the selvedges look brilliant.
The quilt on your wall is such a great use of that fabric! I like all the directions and the lone block!

Melinda said...

Loving the improv! So no more blocks in that upper right? Just Kona Raisin? Cool! You know I'm all about a little open space! and your little Echino pouch is excellent!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the pouch and the improv quilt - can't wait to see more and you're definitely on the right tracks with the pouch! The TBs are looking good but you're determined to make more work for yourself at each stage - anyone would think you didn't want to finish it ;o) Glad the court visit went well - will you be working full time? P.S 62 followers at the moment - well done!

randi said...

Selvages are always a-ok with me!

Some days it's best just to take a photo and post it! Don't worry about perfection. I fight with lighting all the time and sometimes I just give up and post a not=so=great picture. No one complains. :)

Patti said...

Wow! That pouch is fantastic! I absolutely see the weaving--like lattice on pie; maybe the Kona raisin on the quilt made me think that! Love the Ruby Star Spring. Has maybe a honeycomb feel to it? Hmmm...I seem to be on a food theme!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Love the projects you are working on!
And just wanted to add a comment about going back to work. My kids are grown now, but I worked full time with 3 little ones, so know the juggling act that goes on. But what surprised me is that my children (all in their 20's now) have said that they feel lucky that they had a working mom!! They say it showed them how I organized and prioritized and had pride in my career! They also think that they are more confident and independent. They are all good kids, not sure if what they say helps, but thought I would pass it along.

Annaliese said...

Hey lady! So I think the pouch is terrible, and you should just send it to me so I can hide the evidence and ......... ya okay. That's a lie. It looks great, and here's why: Echino fabric is fun, vibrant, and has unexpected elements. Your lattice shows off the colors and prints well, and the selvedge and hand stitched details add that funky element. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think you've done the prints justice :)

Janine said...

I do like that weaving detail and the contrast between the raisin and the blocks in the quilt :)

Toni said...

Yes, yes, and yes! The pouch looks fab and I love the weaving idea. Would definitely translate well to solids, too. Love the movement on your quilt, and I'm currently in love with raisin as well, so it's a definite GO for me. Your little pouch is looking promising, too. I'm so glad you had a good day yesterday! That has to be a tough transition, but it will be wonderful for your girls to see you in a role other than their mom. Does that make sense?

æble said...

It's a yay. No way what-so-ever could someone think of this as a nay.

Erin @ Billy Button Design said...

Rebecca this is going to look is already. I wish I had a spare wall to hang some wadding on. Why did I miss this purse swap too...I'm not blogging enough.
Saw AB range..(it took me a while to find it. not on her page yet. I do like but I have enough of SB to last me till next year.