Monday, October 17, 2011

WINNER & I'm Back

Hi Everyone!  I feel like I've been gone forever...but I guess I really haven't...I mean I only missed a few days of blogging and thanks to the amazing help of my friends Erin and Lucy it was as if I was barely away.  Thank you so much for filling in for me while I was away dancing my face off at my friend's beautiful wedding (yes, yes, pictures soon I promise!).

I don't know about all of you - is this a Fall Feeling or something - but I am starting to feel very overwhelmed.  As though a very strong need to prioritize is pulling at me.  Although I am dying to run to my studio and finish the H&H Quilt tonight I am looking around my house with complete dread.  My recent absence and lack of prioritizing my household duties is obvious.  Sigh, this is due to procrastination and now that we will be having guests for the next two weekends I am now paying for it big time!

After quickly catching up on the links for the most recent Thursday Think Tank it seems that I am not the only one feeling the pull of obligation.  A few of you mentioned needing to get some real life responsibilities off your plate.  I hope we can all rally together and help each other keep the creative mojo going even when we only have 5 or 10 minutes a day to do anything creative.  I am going to rely on you guys to push me through while I battle laundry vomit (clean, folded laundry that needs putting away) and miscellaneous we need a home items living on my table surfaces!

So, without further ado, if you've even read this far instead of skipping ahead, ahem whatever not judging eye roll, it is extremely appropriate that the 55 Followers Giveaway go to one of the Original 55 (seriously, I think she was one of the Original 25!) and someone who based on her recent TTT Post is also feeling the real world encroaching on her creative time...


Thank you all for playing.  I cannot believe that I now have 106 Followers - whaaaat???  I know, I know, I am going to have to do another giveaway soon.  Whew.  What could I possibly giveaway next?

For all of you who have commented on MRL's posts last week I am so sorry if I haven't emailed you a reply.  Catching up with 656 unread blogs (yes, I do love me some long list of blogs) and over 100+ emails (no not all comments, although how rocking would that be?).  I promise I will try to visit you all via blogland or email soon!!!

so, so, so glad to be home and feeling much loved, thank you!
- rebecca lynne


gill said...

Congratulations Janine!!

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

Hmm... I seem to have forgotten who you are. Um. Er. Oh BECCA! Welcome back chickadee. Nice to hear from you (even if I didn't win the pouch. Hmph).

Well done Janine. Nice to see that one of the original fans came away with the goods. ;)

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Hurrah! I have missed you :)
congratulations to Janine!
Glad you're back Becca!

Sandra Kaye said...

Welcome back Rebecca, you were missed!! I'm having my first give away, come check it out. Hugs-- Sandie

Archie the wonder dog said...

Welcome back! I missed you! Congratulations to Janine...not jealous at siree, not me (much!)

Patti said...

Congratulations Janine! No..not jealous much...but then,Becca will be teaching us to make our own soon in her PAL!!!

Annabella said...

Congrats to Janine, who I was super lucky to have make for me in a recent swap. So deserving! Lovely to have you back Rebecca! Congrats on all your followers.

Katie said...

Welcome back! I missed your posts over the weekend (um, Sunday Sewing Stats please?).

I can motivate anyone on most things except for cleaning the bathroom (on my task list today) and putting away clean clothes. I detest both equally.

Stephanie Nagano said...

Welcome back and congratulations to Janine! :D

Congrats on 100+ followers!!! WOO!!!

Stephanie Nagano said...

Welcome back and congratulations to Janine! :D

Congrats on 100+ followers!!! WOO!!!

Collette said...

oh man it is hard when you have been away even a few days isn't it?? I am the same so catching up today. That doodle stitching review is up on my blog but I know it will be a while before you get to it probably!!! Totally understand xxxxx