Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blame it on the Japanese Prints. Sunday Sewing Stats...a tad late...

I was very busy today attending an Apple Festival and sewing!!!  Haha, yes I sewed.  I have just finished quilting my 100 Quilts for Kids Quilt (which really needs a name...any suggestions?) and now I just have to snip my bits of quilting thread and bind it.  I am going to do a fold-over binding which I have never done before so any advice is appreciated.  Photos later this week when it is nice enough to take pics!

Sunday Sewing Stats
I think I did fairly well with last week's goals.  Although, I am disappointed that I didn't do more with the Across the Sea Quilt...but I have gotten so far with the 100 Quilts for Kids that I really have to be proud of myself!  I'm just not thrilled with back of Across the Sea Quilt so I am thinking I might take a lesson from a few of you and revisit it in my own way...I like the crosses but maybe a different orientation and not 6 of them?  We shall see...

Sewing Goals for the Week of September 25, 2011
Across the Sea QAL: FINISH BACK & QUILT (deadline is Oct 3rd am I really going to make that?)
- 100 Quilts for Kids: Bind (deadline is Sept 28th I think I can do it)
Tumbling Blocks: Sew a Row.  Period.  If I don't I will NEVER get this done before Christmas!  Helen you are on.
- Finish Autumn Tunic
- Pretty {little} Pouch Swap: Gather supplies (glue, interfacing, decide on pattern, research tutorials)
- Hummingbirds & Hexagons: Won't touch until something more is done with TBs.  Must prioritize.
- Everything else on hold [Botanika, Fall/Spring, Spinning Stars, Secret Project, Eureka]

Other Goals
- Quilt Show - ATTENDED.  Need to draft a post and show you some pics!

And because I cannot write a post without some sort of imagery I am going to leave you with my fabric pull for my Pretty {little} Pouch Swap partner.  I am so freaking excited for this swap and was really lucky to have been assigned a partner with taste that I can completely relate to.  As usual, I only have about 1,000 ideas that I'd love to execute and am having trouble narrowing them down.  With every "Yup, that's it, that is what I'm going with..." I end up thinking up something even BETTER a few hours later.  Where does this leave me?  Well, expect to see a few pouches coming through over the next few weeks...if I have spares I am sure I can find someone who will be interested in them.  Hee hee...

Fabric Pull for P{l}PS Partner
Echino Madrigal Peach, Echino Ornament Raspberry, Kokka Woodland Biology, Loluca Rose Garden

What are your goals this week?  Planning anything big?
- rebecca lynne


Lucy said...

That fabric is scrummy!
My goal was achieved already this week because my son started nursery school and I managed to leave him there with no tears :) Happy boy and happy mummy! With such a good Monday morning the sewing is bound to go well this week!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I'm sure your first TB row will look marvellous - expect to see it next Sunday! You can definitely make the QAL deadline if you don't spend too long faffing with the back ;o)

Rebecca Lynne said...

Sew sew sew right ladies! And yes, I am ready to start chain stitching some of those TBs Helen...don't worry!

Jules said...

looking forward to seeing pics of the quilt show!

Kelli said...

I'm back! Did I tell you how much I love that shawl/cowl/scarf/hoodie that you made? You are a woman of many talents. And how come you didn't warn me about being able to cut the air with a butter knife in FL?! hahah So humid there! Can't wait to see your TB row stitched together! :) And, looking forward to some quilt show pics.